“How different windows have different opening configurations”

Windows often come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only do you have to choose the glazing of the glass, the material and any other design features, you will need to consider the type of window opening that best suits you.

Here is a brief guide to some different types of window openings to help you when making your decision.

Traditional Window Openings
Casement Windows (Side-Hung Windows)

Casement windows are a popular choice and ultimately feature a window made up of one or more opening casements, hinged along one side.

Although casement windows are often referred to as side-hinged windows, they can be bottom-hung, top-hung and side-hung.
Side-hung windows can open inwards or outwards. Inward-opening side-hung windows open inwards into the room and can therefore be cleaned much more easily and safely.

The main disadvantage to side-hung windows is that they do not have a tilt position so when the window is open and it is raining, your interior may get wet.

Top-Hung Casement Windows

Top-hung casement windows usually open outwards, the sash is pivoted around the upper horizontal axis, and can be cleaned only from the outside.

Bottom-Hung Casement Windows

In a bottom-hung casement windows, the sash pivots around the lower horizontal axis and opens inwards.

Tilt and Turn Window

Tilt and turn windows open inward and combine two opening types (hung and tilt) in one sash. In a tilt and turn window, there is usually an easy-to-reach handle.

Horizontally Pivoted Windows

Usually large in size, the sash in a horizontally pivoted window turns around a horizontal axis located in the centre of the window. The lower half of horizontal pivoted windows open outwards, while the top opens inwards.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows usually have at least two sashes and are moved by sliding the sash within the window pane.

Sliding Folding Windows

Sliding and folding openings are more popular in doors than windows, but are a custom option if you decide to choose this type of opening.

Non-opening, Fixed Glaze Windows

Some windows cannot be opened and are useful where you do not need an opening window, but would like light to enter a room.
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