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Windows & Doors UK design, manufacture and supply wooden windows and doors for homes, manors, listed properties, cottages and commercial premises.

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Bespoke Windows

Windows and Doors UK are a UK manufacturer of beautiful, bespoke timber windows that can be made to fit any project. From our dedicated joinery, our master craftsmen can supply a whole property with made to measure timber windows. Simply choose what style of hardwood windows you would like, what size they need to be, the frame colour, wood stain, hardware and more.

Add beautiful Bespoke Timber Windows to your home, call us today on 0843 886 7763 to discuss your windows.

Wooden Windows to Suit any Property

Our Wooden Windows Styles

Casement Windows

  • Versatile and Energy Efficiency
  • Range of Stain Colours and Glass Options
  • Dual Colour
  • Multi-point Locking

Box Sash Windows

  • Different Decorative glazing options
  • Factory-glazed Frames
  • Traditional and Contemporary Styles of Ironmongery
  • Weatherproofing

Sash Windows

  • Discreet, Hidden Trickle Ventilators
  • Curved and Angled-head frames
  • “Night Vent” locking
  • Decorative Sash Horns

Sliding Sash Windows

  • Made to Measure Sizes
  • Laminated Timbers for Durability
  • Effective Locking Mechanisms
  • Good Acoustic Performance

Bespoke Windows Gallery

Different Wood Types for Windows

European Oaks

Our bestselling European Oaks windows are highly secure and energy-efficient. Crafted by hand in our dedicated joinery from FSC certified, sustainably sourced European hardwood.

  • A++ rated energy efficient windows
  • Crafted to any style, from traditional to modern
  • Micro-porous Paint and Stain finishes


Our Idigbo wooden windows are a rare tropical wooden window that has strength and stiffness. Idigbo wooden window offers resistance to warping and bending.

  • Resists Moisture
  • Resistant against the insects
  • Straight grain and medium to fairly coarse texture


Our Sapele Wood windows are a classic choice known for their beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. Sapele wood windows can last for many years with proper care. When looked after and maintained properly.

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Resistant to rot, decay, and warping
  • Stable and Durable Tropical Hardwood

Why choose Windows & Doors UK?

Windows & Doors UK is a leading provider of hardwood windows and doors in the UK. We offer a wide range of products, including A++ rated energy efficient windows, security tested windows, and bespoke windows.

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Designed, Manufactured and Hand Finished in Britain

A++ rated energy efficient windows

We offer a range of A++ rated energy efficient windows that can help you save money on your energy bills. Our hardwood windows are made with high quality, sustainably sourced wood, and constructed using techniques that ensure they’re highly energy efficient.

Tested to British Security

Standards: All of our windows are tested to British Security Standards to ensure they’re secure and can help protect your home from intruders.

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Wide Range Of Window Design Textures

Bespoke Windows are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of windows). But Bespoke Windows are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn windows.

Oak Stains




Mid Oak



Idigbo Stains



Mid Oak

Mid Oak




Sapele Stains



Mid Oak

Mid Oak




Opaque Colours

















Powder Blue


Sea Green















Window Prices & Sizes

All window prices are subject to size, style and features. Each window is priced based on its size and features. Different window types have different costs associated with them due to the varying specifications. We offer free quotations, so if you have a windows requirement why not give us a call on 0333 335 5416 to discuss.

Window Prices

General Specifications

Our windows, regardless of style all adhere to a standard set of specifications. Some windows have varying properties depending on style, size and other attributes. For example, triple glazed windows may have better thermal properties than single/double-glazed options. Below are the standard specifications for most windows.

  • All window and door frames are made from 100% hardwood for improved durability and quality of finish
  • Choice of timbers available: Sapele (used as standard), Idigbo (usually used for lighter stain colours) or European Oak
  • Standard and made-to-measure sizes
  • The option of factory-glazed frames
  • Double-glazing as standard, single and triple glazing optional
  • Range of decorative glazing bar styles, including curved designs
  • Fully finished products in any solid colour including RAL, BS, Farrow & Ball, Dulux colours and more
  • Range of stain colours also available
  • Two-colour painting available – different colour inside and outside
  • Traditional or contemporary ironmongery choices, in a range of colours – most gear (hinges etc) are available in polished chrome, satin chrome, polished brass, gloss black – door and window handles are available in a wider range of colours and styles including black forged style, pewter, bronze, nickel and more
  • Twin gasket system for weatherproofing
  • Fully tested and approved gaskets and seals
  • High-specification glass units with argon gas filling and Low-E coating as standard for high thermal performance and minimal heat loss
  • Multi-point locking on all casement windows and doors for high security
  • The option of Pilkington “Optiphon” acoustic glazing to reduce outside noise heard within the building
  • “Easy clean” coating available on all glazing
  • “Solar control” glazing available to reduce heat gain from sunlight, which aids in keeping conservatories and other rooms at a comfortable temperature
  • Decorative glazing options such as leaded, coloured and patterned glass
  • Trickle ventilators possible in all doors and windows
  • All doors and windows machined by a computer-controlled router for exceptional accuracy, quality and repeatability
  • Modern, microporous paint system used to ensure the quality of finish and high durability/low maintenance requirements
  • Adjustable hardware used wherever possible to ensure the continued smooth operation of windows and doors

Window Specifications

Trade Windows and Doors

If you are looking for multiple windows and doors i.e. for a housing renovation project, new build properties, or just general supply and installations then we can help. We can supply windows and doors in bulk volumes at trade prices.

Trade Windows and Doors

Trade Windows  

Trade Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

At Windows & Doors UK, all of our windows are made to order in our joinery. Because all of the windows we manufacture vary in style, design and materials, we can only provide you with a guideline for how much your windows might cost. All of our bespoke timber windows are unique and customised to your home, so for an exact quote, get in touch with our team today.

Our craftsmen can finish your windows however you would like. Choose from a wide range of beautiful stains highlighting the natural wood grain or select a paint finish. However, do bear in mind when choosing window colours it’s important to consider the style of your home, the climate in your area, and any local restrictions.

With proper care, wooden windows can last a lifetime. However, the lifespan of wooden windows will vary depending on the quality of the wood, the climate in your area, and the maintenance you provide.

At Windows & Doors UK, we can install different types of glass, from standard low-E glass in single pane, double and triple glazing. We can also use toughened glass if you need it, laminated glass, or frosted glass for bathrooms. The type of glass you choose for your windows will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

This will depend on your look, feel & price preferences. UPVC tends to be a cheaper alternative, but, without the premium look & feel offered by Hardwood. Hardwood Casement Units tend to be more durable, offer a much smoother feel & luxurious appearance and, as a window are generally more satisfying due to the build quality and material weights.

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Below is our top level window range, custom windows are also available, call us to discuss.

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