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How To Know When To Replace Your Wooden Windows
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : November 26, 2018
With proper care, wooden windows should have a long and trouble free life. It may surprise you to know that our wooden windows come with a guarantee, considerably longer than what many companies offer for UPVC windows.   There will come a time, though, when replacements are needed. If your windows are starting to suffer from age, lack of maintenance...
Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : October 25, 2018
Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors There is something truly prestigious about timber windows and doors. Where UPVC is cost-effective and durable, sometimes homeowners are simply looking for a little more luxury. That’s where timber windows and doors are perfect. Timber windows and doors have a far more traditional look than aluminium and UPVC. Timber windows are available in various...
Wooden Windows Care
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : October 3, 2018
Here at Windows and Doors UK, we are expert wood window manufacturers and suppliers. We know how to best maintain wooden windows! Wooden Windows Care Have you recently invested in wooden windows? Or would you like to maintain windows that you already have installed? When you invest in wood windows for your home you want to keep them maintained as...
How often do you have to replace windows?
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : July 13, 2018
The frequency of window replacement ultimately depends on the quality of the windows fitted and how you have maintained them. Sometimes, window replacement can also be affected by the stress the weather causes on a property. For example, if your home is near a cliff face it would be prone to high winds and heavy rain, whilst properties in sheltered...
What are the different types of windows?
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : May 16, 2018
When it comes to choosing the windows for your property, the most likely things to consider are the price, the size and the material. Choosing the material of your windows While most people looking to save money nowadays tend to opt for UPVC windows, there are also the options of hardwood, timber and aluminium to consider too. Hardwood windows needn’t...