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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to them. If you have a question not listed below call us on 0843 886 7763”


If you have a question our team will be happy to answer it. Below we have taken some of the most common things asked in relation to our windows and doors.

Q: How are your windows and doors priced?

We price our products based on specification (height, width, colour & stain, style (woodwork), glass panels and ironmongery options). We also price using photos/mockups of product and product requirement.

Q: What handle options are available?

We offer a standard range of window and door handles. We also have other options available (See our Ironmongery Options). Customers can also fit their own handles (subject to various criteria).

Q: What are the maximum dimensions for single opening windows?

The maximum heights and widths for single opening windows is 1800mm in height and 1200mm in width (for flush or storm-proof windows).

Q: What are the maximum dimensions for single doors and French doors?

The maximum heights and widths for single doors and French doors is 1800mm in width and 24000mm in height.

Q: What locking systems/mechanisms do you use?

We utilise espag lock wraparound system with multiple locking points. This adds significant improvements to home security.

Q: What glass types do you use?

We use soft coat, argon with thermal space bar, 28mm glass units with a 4mm glass thickness, 20mm air gap and 4mm toughened glass.

Q: What is the maximum panel width and height for folding and bifold doors?

The maximum panel width and height for folding doors is 1000mm wide and 3000mm in height. Folding doorsets can be up to 12 panels wide and 14,000mm in width as one set.

Q: What styles are available?

Practically any style is available, any bar, curved, colour or panel option is available.

Q: Are your windows weatherproofed?

Yes, we use a dual gasket system, one on the sash and one on the frame.

Q: What glass obscuring options are available?

Download our PDF on glass options to see which glass obscuring options are available.

Q: What Georgian bar types are available?

We can make any from single bars to gothic arches or margin bars.

Q: What door locking system do you use?

We use a 5 point espag locking, twin handle for French doors.

If you have further questions do get in touch so our friendly team can help!