Replace your tired, old, existing windows with our beautiful, bespoke timber windows

Our joinery makes replacement timber windows crafted out of fine timbers and finished in a variety of colours and stains to match your exact requirements, and all in bespoke sizes.

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Replacement Windows

Our joinery makes replacement timber windows using fine timbers in a variety of colours and stains and to bespoke sizes.

How much will replacement windows cost?

Want to know more about prices for our replacement timber windows including the cost of installation? We have a window price guideline to give you a rough idea of costs. However, for a bespoke quote to meet your exact requirements, get in touch today for a free estimate.  Due to the large number of window configurations each quote is personalised based on the window requirements. We can provide custom quotations for standard and custom sized windows (see our measuring guide).

Step by Step Guide for Windows Replacement Process

Design, Manufacture and Delivery

All of our timber is ethically sourced and has been approved by the sustainable (Forest Stewardship Council). So, not only are you getting a high-quality, durable window, you will be opting for an environmentally-friendly window replacement product sourced for a lessened negative effect on the environment.

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Another key advantage of our timber replacement windows from Windows and Doors UK is that the timber is painted or stained after manufacture on a per-job basis which means that one-off colours are not a problem for us. In many cases, one-off colours do not incur additional charges over standard white window frames, and we can match any solid colour or translucent stain. Any colour you can think of – we have it!

Once manufacture has been completed the item will be sent and delivered shortly after. Products are all inspected thoroughly before being dispatched.

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Replacing Worn, Damaged or Inefficient Windows

There are many reasons why you may be considering replacing your existing windows for timber windows: your original sash windows are looking old and tired, or they are no longer working properly. Or your casement windows are poorly insulated resulting in heat loss. Or maybe your existing windows are simply not in keeping with the style of your home, and you want oak windows or box sash windows. Whatever the reason, we can help.

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Benefits of Replacing Windows

One of the great benefits of timber replacement windows for either single glazed or double glazed windows, over aluminium, uPVC or composite frames, is that because each of our replacement timber windows is machined specifically for a particular installation, you get much more flexibility in terms of window configurations, styles and mouldings.

As such, our replacement timber windows can be made to match a wide range of designs. You can choose from modern contemporary windows featuring large glass panes and minimal detailing to replacement casement windows to sash window replacements for listed buildings (with requirements for thin glass units and ornate decorative glazing bars), and everything in between. We can even make arched, angled or curved-headed windows where required.

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Because all of our replacement timber windows are machined in our joinery, they can all be made to match a wide range of designs. All you need to do is decide what type of replacement timber windows you would like for your property.

Perhaps you might choose modern contemporary windows featuring large glass panes and minimal detailing. Or how about replacement casement windows? Or sash window replacements for listed buildings (with requirements for thin glass units and ornate decorative glazing bars)? We offer all of these timber replacement windows and everything in between.

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Replacement Windows Gallery

Wide Range Of Window Design Textures

Replacement Windows are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of windows). But Replacement Windows are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn windows.

Oak Stains




Mid Oak

Mid Oak



Idigbo Stains



Mid Oak

Mid Oak




Sapele Stains



Mid Oak




Mid Oak

Opaque Colours

















Powder Blue




Sea Green













Replacement Window Prices & Sizes

Please call us to discuss sizes and prices. We supply all standard and non-standard sizes, prices are available by quote. Please find a rough cost per size table below. * Based on a single window

Width (mm)
Height (mm) 400-500 501-600 601-700 701-800 801-900 901-1000 1001-1100 1101-1200 1200+
800-900 £350 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £475 Call Us
900-1000 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £500 Call Us
1001-1100 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £520 Call Us
1101-1200 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £495 £550 Call Us
1201-1300 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £565 Call Us
1301-1400 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £575 Call Us
1401-1500 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £555 £605 Call Us
1501-1600 £450 £500 £510 £515 £525 £555 £585 £635 Call Us
1601-1700 £500 £510 £520 £525 £555 £585 £600 £650 Call Us
1701-1800 £510 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £675 Call Us
1801-1900 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £700 Call Us
1901-2000 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £725 Call Us
2000+ £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £700 £750 Call Us

Window Prices


Our Replacement windows are manufactured to high standards with specifications to match, generic specifications are below (specification relative to design).

  • Standard and Made to Measure Sizes
  • Single, Double and Triple Glazing
  • Bar Design Options
  • Engineered using laminated timbers which increase product durability, lifespan and reduces maintenance
  • Espag Locking Window Gear
  • Height up to 3 meters
  • Finished products in white or other colours
  • Traditional or Contemporary Ironmongery Features
  • Full Instructions for Self Assembly and Installation
  • Twin gasket system for weatherproofing
  • Increased ventilation with lockable mechanisms on Open windows
  • Flush window systems available
  • Fully tested and approved gaskets and seals
  • Glass is toughened
  • Good thermal performance (minimal heat loss)
  • Good security performance (thanks to effective locking mechanisms)
  • Good weather performance (durability against weathering, heat loss, UV damage)
  • Good Acoustic Performance


Download Gaskets Specification Brochure
Download Locking Systems Specification Brochure
Download Saint Gobain Glass Brochure
Download Pilkington Glass Brochure
Download Ironmongery Options Brochure

Trade Replacement Windows

We supply this product to traders and:

  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Property Renovators
  • Installers
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Tradesmen

If you have a trade enquiry or would like to order this product in bulk then please call us on 0333 335 5416 to discuss or fill out the call back form to the right.

Lead Time

Our lead times vary depending on product specification and volume. We aim to have the shortest possible lead time from order to delivery, call us for a free quotation/estimate.

Replacement Window CAD Drawings

There are no CAD Drawings available for Download, please contact to request drawings.

Colour matching can be an important consideration when looking at replacement windows, especially in listed or historically-styled buildings. Aluminium and uPVC windows often come in a limited range of colours or carry such high charges for one-off colours that the windows end up costing more than the timber equivalent. This is because the profiled aluminium and uPVC frame sections must be coated, dyed or wrapped before they are machined into window frames. This processing is usually done in large batches, and running small batches of custom colours for a single job is generally not cost-effective. We will match literally any solid colour, whether you have a BS, RAL, Dulux or Farrow and Ball colour name, or if you only have a physical sample of the colour you would like to match. We also offer a range of translucent stains which allows you to see the grain of the timber, showing the natural beauty of the wood underneath.
Windows & Doors UK have experienced designers who can help you with the design and style aspects of your replacement windows. From frame style to woodwork, from ironmongery options through to installation our designers can assist. CAD drawings are produced outlining the windows dimensions, design and functionality aspects. Another factor to take into account is the type of window being replaced. For top-opening and side-opening replacement casement windows, we can manufacture windows with flush casements, where the whole of the opening sash sits within the frame of the window for a traditional detail. Or we can manufacture stormproof casements where the sash overlaps and sits proud of the outer frame – resulting in a much more modern design. Both of these systems have dual weather seals to guard against drafts and water ingress, meaning they’re thermally efficient and much better for your energy bills. For sliding sash window replacements, we can either provide a direct replacement with a true sliding sash window or “mock sash” casement windows. Mock sash window replacements consist of a stormproof casement window, split into two with a horizontal transom, with a top-opening hinged sash in the upper portion of the window, which has decorative horns extending from the bottom of the sash. This mimics the look of a sliding sash window while keeping the opening mechanisms simple, and also uses less timber than a true sliding sash window, making the cost of replacement windows significantly cheaper. Because bear in mind that mock sash windows can be a good solution where budget is important, as they are generally cheaper than an equivalent sliding sash replacement window. We can also make double glazed sash windows. We offer modern, highly insulated and thermally efficient double glazed windows for all of our replacement timber windows. These double glazed windows have special low-e coatings and argon gas filling as standard, to minimise heat loss, be energy efficient and help to reduce your energy bills. Timber Casement Windows They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we couldn’t agree more. Our timber casement window range offers exceptional performance with an abundance of style, size or colour options to suit your needs no matter what they are – from historic buildings all down through modern new builds. Sash Window Variations We recommend our replacement options if you want to keep your home’s exterior theme but still offer modern sliding sash windows. We offer direct-replacement sash window styles that are true to the original design of older properties with typical designs; however, they use less timber than traditional methods do, so it’ll be kinder on budget. Bespoke Timber Windows We can also offer bespoke options, such as UPVC windows and softwood windows, which come in various styles and sizes. The main benefit of our custom windows is that they’re made to measure and can include any features you need. Traditional timber has so much natural beauty, but choosing a bespoke service means we can add features to enhance the security of your home and make it more thermally efficient. If you are interested in any of our replacement timber window products or would like a free quotation, please fill out our callback request form, or call us on 0333 335 5416.
All of our replacement windows meet current building regulations and CE marking requirements. They can also function as fire escape openings (depending on window size), have optional child-restrictor hinges or devices, trickle ventilators and many other features to enhance their energy-efficient nature, as well as to fit in with your home improvements. You’ll want to think about available features when deciding which window is right for you. For example, if safety precautions are needed in your building, we have child lock options that can be added to our timber replacement windows. Decorative ironmongery for Windows can play an important part in the overall look of new timber windows and doors. We source and provide a range of ironmongery options for windows and doors that complements the overall look and feel of the product. From traditional to Victorian, from modern to contemporary styles, you choose the handle style that fits your preference and we’ll ensure your windows and doors come supplied. We use the latest in locking gear and other hardware to ensure durability, reliability and security from all of our replacement timber windows. Where possible we also use hardware with lots of built-in adjustment, so that it is possible to set up your windows to work smoothly across their entire lifetime. Download Ironmongery Options PDF
If you are looking to replicate an existing window style for your new hardwood windows then please give us a call on 0333 335 5416 to discuss your replica window requirements. Some historic period windows can (depending on age) be hard to find parts for, or may well be beyond economical repair, at which point, replica windows are ideal to replace with a like for like style with new materials and parts.
Windows & Doors UK make ordering a straightforward process, you’ll just need to contact us. Once you have chosen your window/door product and have agreed on the drawings/specifications and design the product will be scheduled for manufacture. Your products will be delivered by a scheduled date through recorded delivery.

Other Window Ranges

Below is our top level window range, custom windows are also available, call us to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, the cheapest time of year to get window replacements in the UK is during the winter months, from January to March. During this time, window replacement companies, like Windows & Doors UK, experience a slowdown in business due to the colder weather and shorter days, which can result in lower prices as we try to attract more customers.

If you don’t replace windows when they need to be replaced, there can be several negative consequences. Here are a few possible outcomes:

  1. Energy inefficiency: Old or damaged windows can allow drafts and air leaks, causing your heating system to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This can lead to higher energy bills and increased carbon emissions.
  2. Reduced comfort: Drafts and air leaks can also make your home feel colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, which can lead to discomfort and a lower quality of life.
  3. Safety and security risks: Windows that are damaged or don’t close properly can pose a security risk, making it easier for intruders to enter your home. They can also be a safety hazard if they’re at risk of breaking or falling out.
  4. Reduced property value: Outdated or damaged windows can detract from your home’s overall curb appeal, which can make it less attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.

In some cases, it is possible to replace windows without removing the frame. This is typically known as a “retrofit” or “insert” window installation.

In this type of installation, a new window unit is custom-made to fit inside the existing frame, without removing the frame itself. The old window is removed and the new window is installed from the exterior, often using screws or clips to secure it in place. This method is generally quicker and less invasive than a full-frame replacement, and can be a good option if the existing frames are in good condition and you want to maintain the original look of your windows.

However, retrofit window installation may not be possible or recommended in all situations. Consult with the professional window installers at Windows & Doors UK to determine whether a retrofit installation is feasible and appropriate for your particular situation.

The amount of time it takes to replace old windows can vary depending on several factors, including the number of windows being replaced, the type and size of the windows, the installation method, and the experience level of the window installer.

On average, a single window replacement can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the complexity of the installation. Full-frame replacements, where the entire frame is removed and replaced, can take longer, typically a few hours per window.

For larger projects, such as replacing all the windows in a house, the time required can range from a few days to a few weeks, again depending on the factors mentioned above. The window installer should be able to provide an estimated timeline based on the specific project details.

It’s important to note that the installation time is just one part of the window replacement process. The entire window replacement process, including ordering the windows, preparing the installation area, and any necessary finishing work, can take several weeks or even months, depending on the scope of the project.

This depends on the specific installation method used and the condition of the existing plaster around the window frame.

If a retrofit installation method is used, where the new window is installed inside the existing frame, then there should be no need to replaster, as the existing frame and plaster remain intact.

However, if a full-frame replacement method is used, where the entire frame is removed and replaced, then it may be necessary to replaster around the window frame to ensure a proper seal and a finished appearance. In some cases, the condition of the existing plaster may also be damaged during the removal process, requiring repairs or replacement.

When you choose to replace your windows through Windows & Doors UK, one of our professional window installer team members will determine the best course of action for your particular situation. They can provide guidance on whether replastering is necessary and provide an estimate for any additional work that may be required.

Replacement windows are designed to be installed in a way that prevents leaks, but like any product, they are not completely foolproof.

If installed correctly by a professional, replacement windows should not leak. However, if the installation is done incorrectly, or if the window is damaged or defective, it can result in leaks. Leaks can also occur if the window is not properly maintained or if the sealant around the window breaks down over time.

To prevent leaks, it’s important to have replacement windows installed by a qualified professional with experience in window installation. At Windows & Doors UK, our professional installers will use the appropriate materials and techniques to ensure a proper fit and seal.

However, it’s important to regularly inspect your windows for signs of damage or wear, and address any issues promptly to prevent leaks from developing.

Window replacement can be an effective way to improve energy efficiency in a home.

Energy-efficient windows typically have double or triple-pane glass, which provides better insulation and reduces heat transfer. They also often have special coatings or gas fills between the panes to further improve energy efficiency.

In addition, newer windows are typically designed and installed to be airtight, reducing the amount of air leakage and drafts in the home. This can help improve indoor comfort and reduce the workload on heating systems, leading to lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.

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Below is our top level window range, custom windows are also available, call us to discuss.

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