Georgian Windows

Georgian timber windows from Windows & Doors UK are skillfully crafted in our dedicated UK workshop, combining the classic architectural style of the Georgian period with modern techniques. Every Georgian window showcases our dedication to superior craftsmanship, offering symmetrical beauty and the timeless elegance of Georgian style windows to your home.

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Georgian Windows

What are Georgian Windows?

Georgian Windows are a classic feature from the 18th century, instantly recognisable for their large frames divided into smaller, uniformly sized panes. Characterised by six or more smaller panes of glass, these windows are connected by slender horizontal or vertical wooden bars. The Georgian window style not only showcases a greater area of glass but also maximises natural light in rooms. Originating from the 1700s, Georgian windows perfectly mirrored the architectural trends of their time. The architects of the era valued symmetry, proportion, and elegance, notably in the placement of windows and doors. Georgian buildings, known for their rectangular forms, integrated these windows to mirror the structural balance. The iconic sliding sash design, particularly the six-panel layout, became a defining element of Georgian style, combining functional elegance with Georgian architecture.

Why choose Modern Georgian windows from Windows & Doors UK

Choosing Modern Georgian windows from Windows & Doors UK means selecting timeless designed wooden windows. Crafted exclusively from premium hardwood and timber in our dedicated UK based joinery by master craftsmen, you get the classic elegance of Georgian style with the benefits of modern glass technology.

Our windows are not just aesthetically pleasing but also energy-efficient, thanks to options like double glazing. Coupled with professional installation, our Modern Georgian windows provide a combination of the old and the new, ensuring your home is both beautifully classic and efficiently modern.

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Georgian Style Windows

Georgian style windows, known for their symmetrical design and classic elegance, are available in various types, each embodying the Georgian era’s architectural charm.

Modern Georgian Windows Styles

Modern Georgian windows combine the traditional aesthetics of Georgian architecture with advanced window technologies.

Georgian Windows by Windows and Doors

At Windows & Doors UK, our Georgian windows are crafted with a deep respect for historical architecture, ensuring each piece functions perfectly in modern settings. We carefully recreate the symmetrical designs and refined aesthetics characteristic of the Georgian era, using only FSC certified hardwood and sustainably sourced timber.

These traditional timber windows are more than historical reproductions; they’re contemporary interpretations of Georgian design, enhanced with features such as superior insulation, soundproofing, and robust durability. The end result is a Georgian window that honours its historical roots while meeting the expectations of today’s performance standards.

Different Wood Types for Georgian Windows

At Windows & Doors UK we prioritise sustainability and quality in our materials and our products, which is why our Georgian windows are made from FSC certified European Oaks, known for their strength and long-lasting beauty. Idigbo, a lighter yet durable hardwood, which offers versatility in design, making it ideal for detailed Georgian styles. And Sapele, which has a distinctive grain and rich hue, adding a touch of luxury, fitting the Georgian aesthetic.

Each of these woods is sustainably sourced, ensuring our Georgian windows are not only beautiful and durable but also environmentally responsible, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Georgian Windows Gallery

What is the history of Georgian windows?

Georgian windows first appeared in the 18th century, during the reigns of British monarchs George I-IV. These windows, with their symmetrical and proportionate design, embody the Georgian architecture’s ideals of balance and harmony.

Their defining feature, the classic six-over-six pane design with slender glazing bars, allowed more light and clearer views than previous window styles. As the era evolved, so did Georgian windows, showcasing the evolving craftsmanship and aesthetic preferences.

Today, this style of window are synonymous with elegance and architectural integrity, continuing to be popular in modern home designs for their timeless appeal.

Wide Range Of Window Design Textures

Georgian Windows are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of windows). But Georgian Windows are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn windows.

Oak Stains




Mid Oak



Idigbo Stains



Mid Oak

Mid Oak




Sapele Stains



Mid Oak

Mid Oak




Opaque Colours

















Powder Blue


Sea Green















Georgian Window Prices & Sizes

Please call us to discuss sizes and prices, we supply all standard and non-standard sizes, prices are available by quote. Please find a rough cost per size table below. * Based on a single window

Width (mm)
Height (mm) 400-500 501-600 601-700 701-800 801-900 901-1000 1001-1100 1101-1200 1200+
800-900 £350 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £475 Call Us
900-1000 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £500 Call Us
1001-1100 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £520 Call Us
1101-1200 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £495 £550 Call Us
1201-1300 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £565 Call Us
1301-1400 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £575 Call Us
1401-1500 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £555 £605 Call Us
1501-1600 £450 £500 £510 £515 £525 £555 £585 £635 Call Us
1601-1700 £500 £510 £520 £525 £555 £585 £600 £650 Call Us
1701-1800 £510 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £675 Call Us
1801-1900 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £700 Call Us
1901-2000 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £725 Call Us
2000+ £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £700 £750 Call Us

Georgian Windows Specifications

Our Georgian windows are manufactured to high standards with specifications to match, generic specifications are below (specification relative to design).

  • Flush or Stormproof (over-rebated) window systems available
  • Wrap-around, multi-point espagnolette locking system as standard
  • Top or side opening sashes
  • Dummy (non-opening) sashes or direct-glazed sections available
  • The option of increasing component thicknesses in order to give equal sight-lines with adjacent doors etc.
  • Arched or swept heads available
  • Windows can be incorporated into bays, conservatories and orangeries
  • Range of hinge options available, including approx. 90° opening for fire escape windows, child restriction for safety, “easy clean” mechanism, or combinations of these (depends on window size and configuration)
  • Very large and very small opening casements achievable, with a wider range of sizes available than many of our competitors
  • Colour-matched internal window boards available

Download Gaskets Specification Brochure
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Trade Windows and Doors

If you are looking for multiple windows and doors i.e. for a housing renovation project, new build properties, or just general supply and installations then we can help. We can supply windows and doors in bulk volumes at trade prices.

Trade Windows and Doors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Georgian bars in windows are stylish features that replicate traditional Georgian window designs. They create a grid-like pattern on the glass, dividing it into smaller, equal panes, which mirrors the six-over-six pane style typical of the 18th century.

These bars enhance the aesthetic appeal of windows by adding a touch of historical elegance. While they maintain a traditional look, at Windows & Doors UK we incorporate them into new windows, combining the charm of the past with the functionality of the present.

Georgian and Victorian windows differ significantly in style and design, reflecting their respective historical periods. Georgian windows are known for their symmetry and simplicity, typically featuring a six-over-six pane arrangement within a square or rectangular frame. They emphasise balance and proportion, reflecting the architectural ideals of the Georgian era.

Victorian windows, meanwhile, are more ornate and elaborate, often featuring intricate designs and a greater variety of pane arrangements. They can include stained glass, decorative moldings, and more complex sash designs, showcasing the decorative flair of the Victorian age.

Georgian bar windows can be more costly than standard windows due to their intricate design and the additional materials required. The bars themselves, whether true divided lights or simulated, add to the complexity of the window construction.

The process of accurately replicating the historical design, ensuring each pane is perfectly aligned and the bars are proportionately placed, requires skilled craftsmanship. However, the extra cost is often justified by the added aesthetic value and the way these windows enhance the character and curb appeal of a property.

For a competitive quote, please get in touch with our team today.

The way to tell a apart Victorian and Georgian houses is to look at the architectural details. Georgian houses are characterised by their symmetry, proportion, and use of classical elements like columns and pediments. They often feature flat fronts and sliding sash windows with a six x six pane arrangement.

Victorian houses, on the other hand, display more ornate and eclectic styles, with asymmetrical facades, decorative trim, and complex rooflines. Their windows can vary significantly, and are often more elaborate than their Georgian counterparts, with features like stained glass and intricate woodwork to enhance their timber sash windows.

Georgian windows are timeless rather than old-fashioned. While they draw on the classic aesthetic of the Georgian era, modern Georgian windows from Windows & Doors UK are equipped with features like energy-efficient window glazing and durable frames.

This combination of old-world charm and new-world technology makes Georgian windows a popular choice for both period restorations and modern homes, as their enduring appeal lies in their ability to complement a wide range of architectural styles.

Victorian windows were primarily crafted from wood – the go-to material of the era. The glass? Often it was hand-blown, giving each window its own unique charm. In wealthier homes, you’d find stained or leaded glass, adding a layer of opulence and intricate detailing. These materials weren’t just chosen for their looks; they reflected the craftsmanship and quality of the time.

Three key features of the Georgian style, exemplified in Windows & Doors UK’s window designs, include a strong emphasis on symmetry, a preference for proportion and balance, and the use of classical elements such as pediments, columns, and decorative moldings, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

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