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Ironmongery for Windows and Doors

Choose from a range of beautiful ironmongery for windows and doors.

Thank you for taking the time to choose our products to go with either your new windows or doors or if you are planning to refurbish your current windows and doors.

Over time windows and doors have evolved to offer improved thermal efficiency and enhanced security with modern window fittings. Somehow the quintessential British window handle had been lost with the drive to improve windows and doors.

Traditional window fittings offer you a range of authentic fittings to suit most modern windows and doors via a network of specialist installation partners.

Our products are made using two methods of casting, either malleable iron greensand cast or solid brass cast. All our products are made in Britain using traditional casting methods, all products are polished and assembled by hand before the final finishing paint or plating is applied.

The following options offer an extensive range of shapes, styles and colours, but should you have a particular product or colour in mind please do not hesitate to contact us as we produce many special one-off products or colours. Subject to written agreement by all parties involved.

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