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Window Ironmongery

What is window ironmongery

Window ironmongery is really a term that refers to anything made from metal that you might find adorning your windows, from handles to stays. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that most windows and doors produced these days are made from plastic or composite, so naturally the handles are made to match. Here at Windows & Doors UK however, we specialize in bespoke, traditional style timber windows and doors, so it makes sense that our window furniture is made to match. If you're looking for door ironmongery, head over to our dedicated page to explore the range. That being said, we use modern techniques to ensure that all of our collection of top-quality products are built to the highest security and thermal performance specifications, in a wide variety of finishes. So whether you have a traditional wooden window or a more modern PVC variety, we can supply quintessential British ironmongery to complete the aesthetic. Browse our range below and start window shopping for your perfect window furniture.

How our high-quality window furniture is made

All of our window ironmongery is made to last, created by a mixture of a wide array of traditional styles with contemporary build techniques. Whether you’re after casement stays, sash lifts, fasteners, handles, or any other window fittings, we’ll likely have something that’ll catch your eye in stock.

All of our products have been created using one of two traditional methods of casting here in the UK, malleable iron greensand casting or solid brass casting.

In addition, all of our products are assembled in our workshops here by hand, before being polished and either plated or painted to specification.

If you’re looking for a particular product, colour or style that isn’t listed below, or you’ve noticed supplied by one of the other top brands, please feel free to get in touch as we do produce many special one-off varieties in our workshop.

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Wide Range Of Window Design Textures

Window Ironmongery are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of windows). But Window Ironmongery are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn windows.

Black and pewter window ironmongery

Black and pewter ironmongery is a trusted traditional favourite. If you have, or used to have, a timber door or window frame, you might well have had it furnished with black and pewter hardware.

Black and pewter monkey tail handles and stays

The monkey tail range is usually found in black or pewter, and is one of our customers’ most popular choices of handles for casement windows. The spiralled end gives the impression of a monkey’s tail, lending to the name.

Casement stays (or peg stays) are also styled with a mini monkey tail too so that the design matches up. Finish your sash windows in style with this quirky choice, it’s all in the details.

Black and pewter bulb-end handles and stays

Customers looking for a slightly more reserved finish might opt for the bulb-end handles and stays, which are also very popular in both black and pewter finishes. This style is often referred to as “period bulb-end”, to signify the more traditional style as opposed to the newer types of espagnolette casement fasteners, which might not be as suitable on period windows.

Brass cast ironmongery

Whilst black and pewter options continue to turn heads, brass cast ironmongery will always be one of, if not the, most popular choice of finish for traditional window furniture. Browse our on-site range below, but feel free to contact us for a more specific request.

Brass cast reeded handles and stays

Period reeded handles and peg stays are one of the more modern designs that we stock, and a very popular option for modern windows. The handles are offset slightly to give a sophisticated finish to any casement window you might want to add them to.

Brass cast period spoon handles and stays

Our bronze cast spoon handle design is more of a traditional old-English finish, designed so your thumb fits in the recess to comfortably handle opening the window. The stays also have the same design to make locking in the peg stay a piece of cake.

Brass cast bulb-end handles and stays

Finally we have the period bulb-end handles, the same as those seen above which are available in black and pewter. As you can see, this design comes in two options; a typical curved finish bulb-end, and an offset straight handle finish, both of which are equally popular with our customers.


When it comes to finishes, we have such an extensive range that we’re confident you’ll have no problem finding something to suit your project. Below is our current range of designs at the time of writing, but feel free to contact us with bespoke requests for us to see what we can do and if there are any other finishes in stock.

Brass window fittings

From shiny satin and polished brass options to more antique-looking aged and distressed brass options, find the perfect look to match your frame.

Chrome and nickel window fittings

Chrome and nickel-plated window fittings are to the untrained eye essentially different iterations or types of silver. On the one end, chrome and polished nickel plated options are very glossy and ornate, whilst antique and pearl nickel options create a more rustic, matte look.

Bronze window fittings

Last but not least, we stock a number of bronze metal options as well. Similar to nickel, most bronze choices have a more rustic, antique look, perfect for older period homes and windows. These choices are more moody and antique-looking, which complements darker wood and room choices without going for black or pewter.

Help with choosing window fittings

Whether they are for new windows and doors or for refurbishment projects, please ensure that your choice of product is compatible with your chosen installer’s product range. If your project involved new build works, please visit our technical and product care information page.

If you have any further questions about which style you should opt for, or for a specific wood type or finish of paint, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

We also provide bespoke door ironmongery options, which could be a starting point if you’re looking to do a complete rework project.

Due to the nature of our hand-built products, no two handles will look exactly the same, and the operational pressure required to move the handles might differ very slightly from product to product.


Other Window Styles

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