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Bespoke Doors

At the Windows & Doors UK Joinery, we manufacture a wide range of beautiful bespoke hardwood doors.

At Windows and Doors UK we make a wide range of bespoke, luxury hardwood doors suitable for inside and outside of the home. We supply hardwood doors to all types of residential and commercial properties from cottages to offices.

We make all standard door sizes as well as made to measure doors that can be up to 3 meters in height and over 15 meters in width (folding configuration).

We use premium timber sourced from sustainable, accredited sources. We only use high-quality timbers to manufacture our products so that they not only look good but so they’re reliable, durable and long-lasting.

Our joinery uses the latest in design technology and CNC machining to ensure every door produced is to the exact dimensions ordered at.

Add beautiful Bespoke Doors to your home, call W&D at 0843 886 7763 to discuss your Windows.

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Wide Range Of Doors Design Textures

Doors are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of doors). But doors are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn doors.

Hardwood Door Prices & Sizes

Please call us to discuss sizes and prices. We supply all standard and non-standard sizes. Prices are available by quote. Please find a rough cost per size table below. * Based on a single door.

Width (mm)
Height (mm) 400-500 501-600 601-700 701-800 801-900 901-1000 1001-1100 1101-1200 1200+
800-900 £350 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £475 Call Us
900-1000 £360 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £500 Call Us
1001-1100 £370 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £520 Call Us
1101-1200 £380 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £495 £550 Call Us
1201-1300 £390 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £565 Call Us
1301-1400 £400 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £575 Call Us
1401-1500 £425 £450 £465 £490 £515 £525 £555 £605 Call Us
1501-1600 £450 £500 £510 £515 £525 £555 £585 £635 Call Us
1601-1700 £500 £510 £520 £525 £555 £585 £600 £685 Call Us
1701-1800 £510 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £675 Call Us
1801-1900 £520 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £700 Call Us
1901-2000 £545 £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £725 Call Us
2000+ £555 £585 £600 £625 £650 £675 £700 £750 Call Us

Our hardwood doors are manufactured to the highest standards with specifications to match.

Generic specifications are below (specification relative to design).

  • Critical components manufactured from engineered laminated timbers which increase product durability, lifespan and reduces maintenance
  • Single or double door sets available, opening inwards or outwards, in flush or stormproof door casement styles
  • 5-point locking as standard for improved security
  • Fully adjustable hinges and hardware fitted
  • Low threshold available (meets disabled access regulations)
  • Many configurations possible, with options for flat, moulded or tongue-and-groove style panels, decorative glazing bars, leaded or patterned glass etc.
  • Matching or contrasting side-screen designs available
  • Manufacture sizes up to 1800mm wide x 2400mm high for double door sets
  • Hold-back restrictors fitted as standard – these restrict the doors to 90° opening and will hold the doors open in this position (note these can be removed or adjusted to achieve a greater opening angle if desired)

Download Gaskets Specification Brochure
Download Locking Systems Specification Brochure
Download Saint Gobain Glass Brochure
Download Pilkington Glass Brochure
Download Ironmongery Options Brochure

Trade Hardwood Doors

We supply this product to traders and:

  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Property Renovators
  • Installers
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Tradesmen

If you have a trade enquiry or would like to order this product in bulk then please call us on 0333 335 5416 to discuss or fill out the callback form.

Lead Time

Our lead times vary depending on product specification and volume. We aim to have the shortest possible lead time from order to delivery, call us for a free quotation/estimate.

Oak Stains








Idigbo Stains

mid Oak


mid Oak

mid Oak




Sapele Stains



Mid Oak

Mid Oak




Opaque Colours

















Powder Blue


Sea Green















Design, Manufacture and Delivery

All of our hardwood doors are designed and manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced wood. Once manufactured, your hardwood doors will be dispatched from the joinery and delivered shortly after. Products are all inspected thoroughly before being dispatched.

More about our hardwood doors
Whether you are choosing internal hardwood doors or external hardwood doors, we can design, manufacture, paint and supply your dream hardwood door direct to your front door. Because our joinery has complete oversight of everything needed for your hardwood doors, from the wood supplied, to the size, configuration and style of your hardwood door, we can create the perfect door for your home. Our hardwood doors are of an engineered construction using laminated timbers from hardwood to produce a high-quality product that looks good and lasts a lifetime. Using laminated timbers allows for a wide range of styles and colours/stains. We can supply your bespoke doors in any colour or available wood stain, perfect to fit in with your home’s existing colour scheme, or as part of a new colour scheme. We use beautiful hardwood stains including Oak, Sapele, Idigbo and a wide range of standard and non-standard opaque colouring. Our diverse range of hardwood doors can also feature glass panels as a part of the design. You can choose from solid doors (no glass panels) or doors with glazed windows, window bars and more. Our doors are made as thermally efficient as possible, utilising gaskets and precise manufacturing to ensure that doors are not an exit point for warm air. Doors and windows are the leading areas for properties to lose heat, but our doors and windows are highly efficient at retaining heat. We offer a range of custom and bespoke glass options for any doors that you require, with glazed window units built-in. Our door options also include multiple panels and panel configurations depending on the door style. From veneer French doors to 1,2,3 and 4+ panel doors. We offer a wide range of internal timber doors, internally moulded doors, internal veneer flush doors and internal fire doors. If you are looking for folding doors we can also provide bifold and folding hardwood doors. Alternatively, we also offer hardwood French doors and hardwood patio doors, so if you are looking for doors to separate structures i.e. entry point into an orangery or conservatory, or as a backdoor on your property, we can help. If you are interested in our window products or would like a free quotation, please fill out our callback request form, or call us on 0333 335 5416.
Our Designers
Windows & Doors UK have experienced designers who can help you with the design and style aspects of your hardwood doors. From frame style to woodwork, from ironmongery options through to installation, our designers can assist. CAD drawings are produced outlining the window dimensions, design and functionality aspects.
Ironmongery Options for Doors
Decorative ironmongery for hardwood doors can play an important part in the overall look of new timber doors. We source and provide a range of ironmongery options for doors that complements the overall look and feel of your product. From traditional to victorian, from modern to contemporary styles, you choose the handle style that fits your preference, and we’ll ensure your door comes supplied. Download Ironmongery Options PDF
Replicate Doors
Replicate Doors
If you are looking to replicate an existing door style for your new hardwood door then please give us a call on 0333 335 5416 to discuss your replica door requirements. Some historic doors can (depending on age) be hard to find parts for, or may well be beyond economical repair, at which point, replica doors are ideal to replace with a ‘like for like’ style with new materials and parts.
Windows & Doors UK make ordering a straightforward process. Once you have chosen your window/door product and have agreed to the drawings/specifications and design the product will be scheduled for manufacture. Your products will be delivered by a scheduled date through recorded delivery.

Our Door Ranges

Below is our top-level hardwood door range, Custom doors are also available. Call us to discuss.

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Below is our top level window range, custom windows are also available, call us to discuss.

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