Bespoke hardwood roof lanterns add natural light and volume to the room below

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Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns are an appealing addition to any room, guaranteed to increase the value and marketability of your home. Contrary to popular belief, a roof lantern is not something that is hanging from the ceiling, instead, it is a window or a glass opening that is built into the roof, to bathe the room below in a flood of natural light.

In the Windows and Doors UK joinery, we not only manufacture windows and doors, but we also craft bespoke roof lanterns in timber, oak, pine and other hardwood and softwood. 

Roof Lanterns

Why install a roof lantern? 

A roof lantern will enhance your home and completely transform the architectural space below, as well as allowing unparalleled views of the sky above. So whether you are enjoying bathing in the natural light below, or gazing up into the night sky, a contemporary roof lantern is the perfect investment for your home.

Bespoke roof lanterns

We can supply roof lanterns in a range of standard sizes from 750mm x 750mm, up to 3000mm x 3000mm, as well as create bespoke roof lanterns. We can also design, manufacture and supply complete roof lantern kits for existing flat roofs, orangeries or other roof replacement projects.

Every roof lantern we manufacture is bespoke and made using the highest quality wood from sustainable accredited suppliers.

Each roof lantern that is made in our joinery is completely customisable. We offer argon gas-filled glass units, solar control glass and easy clean glass options for the lantern units. We also offer opening windows and vents, bespoke ironmongery and various architectural features to blend seamlessly in with your home’s existing design.

We also manufacture round, square and rectangular roof lanterns as well as bespoke shapes, that will complement any room and home.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing roof light or skylight or roof lantern, or whether you are looking to add a new roof lantern onto a flat or pitched roof, we can help.

How much do Roof Lanterns cost?

Prices for our roof lanterns start from £1057 and vary depending on the size of the roof lantern, the colour and finish requirements, the glass options and the other additional component parts that will make your roof lantern uniquely yours.

Visit our roof lantern website to learn more.

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