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How wide is a UK internal door? A guide to choosing internal doors for your home.
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : May 1, 2018
Are you looking to invest in new internal doors? Undoubtedly, a good quality set of internal doors can vastly improve the value of your home, as well as add further security and energy efficiency to the property. No matter where you live in the UK, internal doors are undoubtedly a feature of your property that you should invest some time...
How much do wooden sash windows cost? A buyer’s guide to wooden sash windows.
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : March 24, 2018
Here at Windows and Doors UK, we have a range of wooden windows available for purchase. Our type of windows include: Oak windows, casement windows and timber replacement windows. In addition, we sell box sash windows and sliding sash windows. Here, we offer a buyer’s guide to sash windows so our customers know exactly what they’re investing in when they...
Advantages of ready-made wooden windows over UPVC
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : February 23, 2018
In a world where most properties are fitted with UPVC windows and doors, many people are often under the impression that UPVC is the most advantageous material to use when it comes to choosing the materials for your home’s windows. After all, UPVC is often available at a budget price, is secure to protect against trespassers and is generally guaranteed...
New year, new windows: How can new windows make your home better?
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : December 22, 2017
If you’ve spent the past year trying to open a window that is jammed shut (without pulling too hard and breaking it, of course!), cleaning around the edges of windows that become clouded with condensation or investing in slightly thicker curtains to prevent the draft coming into your house through any mis-fittings or fixtures, then it looks like you may...
Replacement timber windows from Windows and Doors UK
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : September 4, 2017
September is the perfect time to make sure your windows are in good condition. After all, in a couple of months’ time, the harsher winter weather will draw in and any flaws in your windows will really show. If you want to avoid leaks and consequent damage to your interior, if your windows are in bad condition then you may...