Replacing Conservation Windows

Maintaining your property’s unique history and character without sacrificing modern comforts like new windows, doesn’t need to be a challenge.

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Replacing Conservation Windows

Our stunning timber conservation windows are available in various styles and finishes, allowing you to maximise your property’s aesthetic appeal and make a timeless statement.

What are conservation windows?

Owning a property in a conservation area means you have a slice of history, but these areas are also subject to strict planning laws. Local authorities protect conservation areas, and properties must comply with the regulations.

When replacing windows in these areas, your local authority will list what you can and can’t do – based on the regulations. In most cases, you’ll need to ensure the new frames align with your existing windows in colour, design and style.

However, the replacement windows should also fall under modern building standards, with security and sustainability measures.

Do you live in a conservation area?

The UK has a rich history dating back thousands of years. While time inevitably drives change, local authorities have the right to select areas of historical significance, and the Secretary of State (Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) signs a protection order.

According to GOV.UK, there are 8,550 conservation areas in the UK, which means many houses must adhere to very strict planning laws.

Windows and Doors UK ensures you can replace historic windows and seamlessly blend timeless style with modern convenience.

What’s the difference between a conservation area and a listed building?

Many people get confused between listed buildings and conservation areas. While both focus on historic preservation, there are some differences to be aware of.

Conservation areas:

  • Are entire areas that hold significant architectural and historic interest.
  • Local authorities choose conservation areas, and then the Secretary of State signs the order to protect them.
  • Homeowners should seek planning permission before making changes to the property.
  • If the local authority feels the renovations could impact the conservation area’s aesthetic appeal and historic influence, it can refuse your application.
  • Generally, the laws on conservation areas are more relaxed than listed building regulations.

Listed buildings:

  • Listed buildings are chosen by English Heritage, and an individual building won’t necessarily be in a conservation area.
  • These buildings appear on the National Heritage for England list.
  • Listed buildings often have stricter laws, and homeowners need planning permission for minor alterations. These restrictions protect the property’s character and unique features.

Replacing windows in conservation areas

For people in conservation areas, replacing windows is possible – if the Local Planning Authority gives planning permission. Contacting them before choosing your new windows ensures you remain within the guidelines and don’t have to remove the window frames.

It’s important to remember that local authorities can request that homeowners remove new windows that don’t align with their area’s conversation laws, potentially resulting in significant financial losses.

How to obtain planning permission

Even if you’re making minor changes, it’s always best to seek listed building consent from local planning authorities. In most cases, seeking planning permission takes around 28 days, from initially submitting the request to receiving approval.

However, if your property is also a listed building, you’ll need to seek listed building consent and planning permission.

When seeking planning permission for replacement windows in conservation areas, following these steps will cement your case and make the process smoother:

  1. Be clear: Explain how you’ll change windows and the measures you’re taking to protect the area’s history.
  2. Gather supporting documents: You’ll also need to show the local planning authority drawings, photographs and other evidence that shows how the windows will align with the area’s regulations.
  3. Obtain a letter of consent: It’s a good idea to speak to your neighbours about the changes and ask them to write a letter of consent.

Checking with the relevant authorities before choosing your replacement windows ensures a smooth process.

The best choices for windows in a conservation area

There are so many window frames to choose from, making it easy to protect your area’s architectural or historical interest while enjoying modern comforts.

Windows and Doors UK specialises in creating beautiful, fully bespoke timber conservation windows that seamlessly blend in with historic buildings. Each design is available in a range of finishes, allowing you to maximise your home’s aesthetic appeal and take advantage of superior energy efficiency.

Timber sash windows

Timber sash windows replicate the style of traditional period windows while factoring in modern functionality. With sliding sashes and decorative features, they come in various styles and offer excellent ventilation.

Along with traditional sash windows, you can also choose box and sliding designs.

Box sash windows

These windows have a unique design that contains one or numerous sashes (sliding panels). Renowned for their natural beauty, choosing box sash windows ensures durability and ventilation while emphasising the natural beauty of Georgian and Victorian properties.

Sliding sash windows

Sliding sash windows are perfect if you want to make a statement without sacrificing elegance. They use vertical sliding panels/sashes, enabling seamless operation and ventilation while still prioritising security. These windows are perfect for Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian properties.

Timber casement windows

Timber windows in the casement style are highly adaptable and boast seamless functionality. They use a hinge design that allows the window to open at one side and allow for ventilation. While casement windows can also suit modern properties, it’s easy to give them a traditional finish.

You can add classic details to the design and choose finishes that meet conservation area restrictions, creating a long-lasting window that also delivers on performance.

Bay windows

Bay windows never fail to make an impression with their bold design and eye-catching features. Renowned for their curb appeal, installing bay windows retains your property’s unique character and creates the illusion of more space.

The panoramic views will let you enjoy your area’s historic charm while adding architectural interest to the property.

We provide bespoke timber replacement windows that combine beauty with performance

Replacing windows can be daunting if you live in a conservation area, but we’re here to help you navigate the transition. As specialists in timber windows, our dedicated professionals work hard to ensure that homes in conservation areas don’t have to compromise.

Our windows are not only beautiful but also have numerous benefits, including saving you money and enhancing your security.

Choose between various glazing options

Older properties also have single-glazed windows, which means you can hear traffic and will need to spend more on your energy bills. Our double-glazed windows offer extra warmth and block outside noise, while triple-glazed windows are the most energy-efficient solution.

Unparalleled security

Many of our conservation windows also come with superior locking mechanisms, keeping your home safe at all times. Older designs might have limited security, but choosing bespoke timber windows will give you peace of mind and help keep the conservation area safe.

Stunning timber finishes

Timber will always be a sought-after material for windows, as it’s highly durable and easy to customise. We use the world’s finest timber, ensuring a long-lasting design that requires minimal maintenance.

Choose between eye-catching finishes, including different colours and defining features that add character to your property’s exterior.

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Whether you’re unsure about conservation rules, want low-maintenance windows or aim to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, our range of timber windows always delivers. Please contact us today with any questions and get a free quote from a specialist.

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Replacing Conservation Windows Gallery

Wide Range Of Window Design Textures

Replacing Conservation Windows are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of windows). But Replacing Conservation Windows are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn windows.





Powder Blue




Sea Green





These specifications are based on a standard window profile. All timber windows are fully customisable.

  • Standard and Made to Measure Sizes
  • Single, Double and Triple Glazing
  • Window Bar Design Options
  • Engineered using laminated timbers which increase product durability, lifespan and reduces maintenance
  • Espag Locking Window Gear
  • Unit Height up to 3 meters
  • Finished products in white or other colours
  • Traditional or Contemporary Ironmongery Features
  • Full Instructions for Self Assembly and Installation
  • Twin gasket system for weatherproofing
  • Increased ventilation with lockable mechanisms on Open windows
  • Flush window systems available
  • Fully tested and approved gaskets and seals
  • Glass is toughened
  • Excellent thermal performance (minimal heat loss)
  • Exceptional security performance
  • Excellent durability against weathering, heat loss, UV damage
  • Good Acoustic Performance

Click here for a full list of Window Specifications

Timber Window Prices & Sizes

Please note that due to the number of variables in timber window design, style and size, we cannot provide specific unit prices.

Please contact us for a fast quotation. We aim to respond the same day with a price quote based on the specifications provided.

You can also call us for a fast quote.

Trade Timber Windows

We supply to trade including builders, housebuilders, architects, procurement companies, window installers & more. To enquire about trade windows please contact us.

Trade Windows

Our Saint Gobain glass can be incorporated with Planitherm glass to make for a low-emissivity glass that saves a large amount of energy. U-Values are dependent on glass options & window configuration. Please take a moment to read our Gasket Specifications & Saint Gobain Glass specifications. Performance Characteristics of Planitherm Glass (Saint Gobain) Energy Savings Winter Comfort Daylight Comfort Security Acoustic Comfort UV Reduction Low Maintenance
Replacement Windows & Windows for Conservation & Listed Properties It’s not uncommon for people to require replacement windows with a like-for-like counterpart. This is especially true for listed, period or conservation properties which have to retain the same style/look. Our joinery is sufficiently tooled to produce exact replacement windows matching style, design, detail & material. Our designers can replicate & reproduce window & doors for any property type including listed buildings, cottages, museums, conservation projects & more. Our portfolio covers clients in all sorts of properties from standard semi-detached houses to mansions, public buildings including pubs and restaurants, bungalows, manor houses, office & factory units & much more.
Windows can be manufactured to any required size (up to 3m), the price is dependent on the size, material, style and customisation. Standard sizes include: 800 x 400, 800 x 500, 800 x 600, 800 x 700, 800 x 800, 800 x 900, 800 x 1000, 800 x 1100, 800 x 1200 + 900 x 400, 900 x 500, 900 x 600, 900 x 700, 900 x 900, 900 x 900, 900 x 1000, 900 x 1100, 900 x 1200 + 1000 x 400, 1000 x 500, 1000 x 600, 1000 x 700, 1000 x 900, 1000 x 900, 1000 x 1000, 1000 x 1100, 1000 x 1200 + 1100 x 400, 1100 x 500, 1100 x 600, 1100 x 700, 1100 x 900, 1100 x 900, 1100 x 1000, 1100  x 1100, 1100  x 1200 + 1200 x 400, 1200  x 500, 1200 x 600, 1200 x 700, 1200 x 900, 1200 x 900, 1200 x 1000, 1200 x 1100, 1200 x 1200 + All sizes quoted above are in MM.
Here at Windows Doors UK we use single, double and triple glazed units. You can view our full windows specifications to learn more about glass types, privacy glass etc.
Wooden timber windows can be installed by most tradespeople & glazing specialists. The window units are easy to install and come complete with installation instructions.

Window Range

We believe that windows should be as individual as the homes they adorn and offer a bespoke service to help you create the perfect frame for your home. So whether you’re looking for a traditional frame or something more contemporary, we can help you find the ideal way to let the light in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can – as long as you meet the restrictions in place. It’s vital to gain planning permission and ensure your conservation area windows align with other properties. Double glazing is integral to reducing carbon emissions, so most local authorities recommend you have it.

When you replace timber windows with us, you get access to a range of wood finishes and unique details that epitomise elegance. We can help you choose windows that become a focal point of your property and elevate unique building features.

If your local authority denies your application, it’s probably because the heritage windows don’t match other properties in your conservation area. That’s why you should understand what you can and can’t do before purchasing the windows.

In most cases, the local authority will explain why your application wasn’t successful, making it easier to choose appropriate styles and ensure you obtain planning permission.

We don’t offer outright prices, as each property is different. Instead, a professional will visit your property and generate a quote, which includes the windows and installation.

We go out of our way to give each customer the best possible experience and will always try to provide affordable windows of unparalleled quality.

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