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Choosing Ironmongery for Your Windows and Doors
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : September 14, 2015
"You should, ultimately, opt for ironmongery that reflects the style of the window or door that you have chosen." You might not think it, but there really is a lot to consider when purchasing new windows and doors. Not only will you need to consider the size, material and design of your new windows and doors. You should also think...
The Problems with Cleaning Your Windows and How to Fix Them
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : September 12, 2015
"Some tips for cleaning your windows" As a first thought, cleaning your windows tends to be a straight forward task that doesn’t take much hard work or dedication, other than the right cleaning products, the time to do it and a ladder (if required). Or you can leave it to a window cleaner, of course. If you have decided to...
Converting your Garage
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : September 7, 2015
"Thinking of converting your Garage into living space?" Garages nowadays are rarely actually used to shelter cars and end up becoming a bit of, shall we say, a lorry-loaded compartment for a man’s junk. Rusty toolkits, squashed bicycle parts, opened paint pots and loose screws come to mind. So, why not transform your not-quite-wasted space into an extended living space?...
Different types of Windows Openings
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : September 4, 2015
"How different windows have different opening configurations" Windows often come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only do you have to choose the glazing of the glass, the material and any other design features, you will need to consider the type of window opening that best suits you. Here is a brief guide to some different types of...
The History of Hardwood Windows
Posted By : adminadmin
Date : September 3, 2015
"The History of Hardwood Windows" This week, here at Windows Doors UK, we are going back in time a little and having a look at the history of windows. From holes in the walls to luxurious hardwood windows, the history of how windows have developed is an interesting one. Early History The earliest windows were simply holes in the walls...