When it comes to choosing new windows for your property, it is not a choice to take lightly. After all, new windows are a big investment and can make a massive difference to both the aesthetics and environment within your home.

A good choice of window, for example, will offer a great look, as well as insulation, energy-efficiency and durability, whereas a poor choice of window may well see you required to re-invest in a new set of windows in a few years’ time.

At Windows Doors UK, however, we pride ourselves on being a great choice of window provider. Manufacturing luxury windows that look great in any property and built to last.

Take a look at some of our choice of windows below.

Timber Windows

Despite timber windows being renowned as windows that are not durable and prone to weathering, needing to be replaced after 10 years, in fact, modern timber windows that are well-maintained can indeed last a lifetime, even longer than some choices of UPVC windows.

What’s more, the timber windows from Windows Doors UK are built with a prestigious aesthetic and have been developed over the years to be as energy-efficient as UPVC windows.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are an excellent choice of window for those looking for a traditional appearance for their property.

However, sash windows can look equally appealing in modern homes to traditional properties, promising to add elegance and class to a range of homes.

Oak Windows

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury, then the oak windows from Windows Doors UK won’t go amiss. Oak is often viewed as the most prestigious type of wood and offers both aesthetic and practical qualities for a range of homes.

Made to measure windows

Here at Windows Doors UK, we can provide you with made-to-measure windows for your home. Although this does not mean that our windows are fully bespoke, it does mean that your windows will be manufactured as an individual, one-off job and, therefore, your windows are made for your precise requirements.

Replacement Windows

Don’t forget that we can fit replacement windows for your property, perhaps where your old ones have been weather-damaged or broken.

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Laura Wakeham

Laura is an experienced writer with a background in the construction, wood work and hardwood industry - having written for various nationwide publications including Houzz, Construction Weekly and other more local editorial platforms. With over 10 years experience, Laura has detailed knowledge on the ins and outs of hardwood fabrications from orangeries to conservatories, windows and doors.

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