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Spring cleaning tips from Windows and Doors UK

It’s finally the Easter holidays and, therefore, the perfect time to give your home a bit of a Spring clean. Out with the old and in with the new!

Because we care about the home here at Windows and Doors UK, and love nothing more than a home being welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and fresh, take a look at the following Spring cleaning tips from Windows and Doors UK.

Clean your windows

Unsightly marks and smears on your windows immediately make your home a little rough around the edges. If you have the right equipment to safely clean your windows on the outside, a dry and cloudy Spring day is a great time to clean them.

If you are not physically able to clean your windows, or do not have access to the window cleaning equipment you need, why not call upon a local window cleaner to do the job? They often are reasonably priced and make an excellent finish on the windows.

Don’t forget the inside of your windows too!

Deep clean your kitchen cupboards

No doubt you’ll remain on top of ensuring your kitchen cupboards are thoroughly clean daily, or weekly. However, a Spring clean can offer the perfect opportunity to give the surfaces of your kitchen cupboards an even deeper clean. Perhaps it may be a good time to clean out the inside of your cupboards too.

Treat your wood kitchen worktop

Springtime is an ideal time to treat your wood worktop with some Danish oil to keep it looking as good as new.

There is nothing more traditional and luxurious than an oak wood kitchen worktop in your home, however, household marks can soon build-up and ruin the worktop if it is not treated regularly.

Check the fixtures and fittings of your doors

Has the harsh winter weather had an effect on your doors? Are the doors still fitted precisely and not letting a draught in?

It is beneficial to check the fixtures and fittings of your doors in your house so that you can be sure your home is as economical, energy-efficient and secure as possible.

Do your windows need replacing?

Spring is a great time to assess and review whether your windows need replacing. Following the winter months, old windows may have become worn and damage and, therefore, Spring time could offer the perfect time for you to invest in window replacement.

At Windows and Doors UK, we offer high-quality replacement windows to suit your bespoke requirements.