September is the perfect time to make sure your windows are in good condition. After all, in a couple of months’ time, the harsher winter weather will draw in and any flaws in your windows will really show.

If you want to avoid leaks and consequent damage to your interior, if your windows are in bad condition then you may want to consider opting for some replacement windows over the next couple of weeks.

In addition, timber windows have a particularly sophisticated and elegant appearance and you’ll no doubt want to ensure that your new windows do not lack in quality. That’s why, here at Windows and Doors UK we offer high-quality replacement timber windows.

Our replacement windows can cater for a range of homes, and match a variety of different designs, whether you have a contemporary or traditional home, or would like a change in the size of your glass panels, we can provide you with what you are looking for at Windows and Doors UK.

What to consider when purchasing replacement windows

Colour Matching

It is fairly straight-forward to colour match timber windows in comparison to aluminium and UPVC windows and, what’s more, most of the time colour-matching timber doesn’t incur an extra cost.

Here at Windows and Doors UK, we can colour match pretty much any colour and also offer translucent stains. We work with BS, RAL, Dulux or Farrow and Ball colour names, or can refer to a physical sample of the colour you would like to match.

What additional features you require

All our timber replacement windows meet current building regulations and are CE Marked for quality. You will want to consider whether you need child safety features added, or if you would like the window to be used as a fire escape.

Other features you may want to think about are security features, insulation and thermal efficiency.

Sash window variations

We offer a few varieties of sash window variations, after all, there is nothing more traditional that a sash window and many people don’t want to significantly alter their property’s vintage exterior theme.

Windows and Doors UK can offer a direct replacement with a true sliding sash window, or a “mock sash” casement window. The mock sash windows have a very similar appearance to true sash windows but are kinder to the budget since they use less timber and have a slightly different mechanism for opening and closing.

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Laura Wakeham

Laura is an experienced writer with a background in the construction, wood work and hardwood industry - having written for various nationwide publications including Houzz, Construction Weekly and other more local editorial platforms. With over 10 years experience, Laura has detailed knowledge on the ins and outs of hardwood fabrications from orangeries to conservatories, windows and doors.

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