Thinking about adding charm and elegance to your home with sash windows? You’re in the right place!

Our comprehensive Sash Windows Buyers Guide is here to help you navigate the world of wooden sash windows, from selecting the perfect style to understanding the price points.

Whether you’re renovating a period property or adding a touch of classic beauty to a modern home, this guide covers everything you need to know. Plus, we’ve included a detailed price list to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in and discover how wooden sash windows can enhance your home’s aesthetic and value!

What are wooden sash windows?

Sash windows are unique, with movable sashes separated by glazing bars. They’re also one of the most historical window designs, appearing frequently in Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian architecture.

Modern designs retain the traditional elements of sash windows but incorporate advanced locking systems and glazing options. You can also choose between various styles, ensuring the windows blend seamlessly with your home.

Sliding sash windows

Sliding sash windows are exactly as their name suggests. They feature vertical panels, which slide up and down, allowing you to customise your ventilation. Most use two panels, but you can find designs that accommodate more.

Single-hung sash windows have one pane that moves, while double-hung windows have two panels. Customised designs can incorporate three to four moving panels, although this depends on the company you choose and whether your property can accommodate them.

Box sash windows

Box sash windows are perfect to inject character into your home. Their unique design uses a pulley system with weights that let you open the sashes by pulling the cord. If you’re looking for larger windows, the pulley system accommodates more weight.

Installing box sash windows is also an excellent idea if you have a listed property, as their traditional design often aligns with building regulations.

What defines sash window prices?

Numerous factors determine the cost of your sash windows, including the materials you choose, customisation options, and whether you opt for glazing bars. Remember, sash windows are an investment, but choosing the right features ensures they last for years.

Timber or uPVC?

Most sash windows have either upVC or timber frames. While both have benefits, timber is often the preferred material, as it’s highly durable and suits traditional sash windows. Here are the main features of each.

Timber windows:

  • Available in a range of hardwoods and finishes

  • Use natural materials

  • Offer timeless style and high-end luxury

  • Modern technologies mean timber windows are now resistant to rot and warping

  • They’re more expensive than uPVC windows, but you’re paying for quality

uPVC windows:

  • uPVC sash windows are budget options

  • They offer durability and longevity

  • Unable to replicate the natural aesthetic of timber

  • Not made of natural materials

Timber costs more initially, but it can last a long time and maintains aesthetic appeal. If you have a listed property or live in a conservation area, you might be unable to use uPVC, as strict regulations are in place.

Glazing options

When installing new sash windows, you’ll also need to consider the different glazing options. While single glazing has its benefits, many properties find it unable to maintain consistent temperatures. Double-glazed sash windows are the standard option, offering thermal and acoustic efficiency.

However, triple glazing is the best option if you live near a busy road or want to cut your energy bills. It performs better than double glazing but costs more outright.

Customisation and sizing

When you order made-to-measure windows, you’re getting a lasting solution for your home. Older properties or custom builds often have more bespoke needs than standard properties.

For example, if you have an older property, the sash window price might be higher, as we need to customise them to fit the building.

Window frame design

Sash windows are so popular because they come in a range of designs. While some prefer simple frames with one or two sliding sashes, others will explore traditional sash window design options.

For example, Georgian sash windows have a six over six pane design, while Victorian sash windows can have multi-pane features. The type of frame you choose will dictate the final cost, with elaborate designs costing more than simple sashes.


The complexity of replacing sash windows or installing new ones depends on your property’s style. Due to the restrictions in place, older homes and listed buildings are more challenging to work with.

Your installation costs will depend on complexity and the amount of resources required. When our specialists visit your property, we’ll issue an installation quote.

Average sash window costs

As you can see, numerous factors define sash window prices, and the best way to determine how much you’ll pay is to get a free quote from our specialist team. We base your quote on the window style, glazing options and the installation task, then give you a price list.

However, if you’re wondering about the average sash window cost, most fall between £240 and over £1,000. Our timber windows cost between £350 and £750, making them more affordable than many suppliers.

Remember, while wooden windows cost more, they’re a long-lasting solution for your home and elevate all architectural styles.

Double or triple glazing?

Upgrading from double-glazed sash windows to triple-glazed windows will cost between 10% and 20% more. However, triple-glazed windows are renowned for their ability to reduce energy bills and provide thermal efficiency.

So, even though you’ll spend more money initially, the long-term savings outweigh your initial investment. Homes in suburban areas usually don’t need triple glazing as double-glazed windows provide enough thermal and acoustic efficiency.

Which opening mechanism?

Traditional sash window designs use a weight and pulley system, while box sash windows have modern spring mechanisms. The pulley system is usually cheaper to install, but many people opt for box sash systems because they’re easy to use and offer more convenience.

Again, traditional sash windows are cheaper, but the pulleys and weights are prone to damage and will require repairs.

Which design are you choosing?

Sash window prices also depend on the design you opt for. Simple designs with two sliding sashes are more affordable than multi-panes. While some people might prefer a simple aesthetic, others are willing to spend more on elaborate features.

If you live in a listed building, you’ll need to install period windows that match the intricacy of Victorian and Georgian styles.

Sash window maintenance costs:

  • General Cleaning: Regular cleaning maintains most sash windows’ performance and aesthetic appeal. You can do this alone or hire a professional window cleaning service, which costs around £4 to £10 for each window.

  • Repainting: Timber windows can last for a long time and undergo treatments to enhance durability. However, it’s a good idea to repaint your frames every five to eight years, which ensures they look new and maintain their beauty. #

  • Draught-proofing: Glazing is the best way to prevent heat from escaping, but window seals can lose performance over time. A draught-proofing service can help you replace the seals or install new double-glazed units.

The bottom line

So, now you know how much sash windows cost and the many design options available, it’s time to make a decision. Investing in timber sash windows can give you years of energy efficiency and the opportunity to make a statement.

Yes, uPVC is more affordable, but it lacks the timeless appeal of wooden windows. Whether you’re replacing old sash windows or want premium-quality new windows, we guarantee the best possible service.

Get a quote for sash windows today

Whether you’re installing new or replacement windows, we have many beautiful options available. Windows and Doors UK offers competitive sash window prices and expert installation. Our dedicated team can align the window style with your preferences, helping you make a lasting statement.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, or get a free quote today. We look forward to bringing your vision to life.


What is the difference between wooden sash windows and casement windows?

The key difference between casement windows and sash windows is that casement windows open on a hinge, whereas sash windows slide open and shut. Casement windows are ideal for modern homes, although many traditional properties also use them.

If you want clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, casement windows always deliver. However, while casement windows merge with your property, sash windows become a focal point, making them a popular solution for injecting curb appeal.

Where can you buy wooden sash windows?

You can buy sash windows from various window manufacturers online or on the high street. Here at Windows and Doors UK, we are a reputable company that provides meticulously well-manufactured windows designed for accuracy and repeatability.

You can also search for other window manufacturers online and speak to a local builder who can recommend windows for your home.

Are wooden sash windows suitable for your home?

Wooden sash windows can be installed in all properties and are suitable for any home. If you have a modern home, we recommend choosing simple sashes instead of elaborate designs.

Will installing sash windows increase property value?

Yes, they can. If you want to sell your home, a window replacement can increase its value and make it a more attractive option for prospective buyers. According to experts, buyers value double-glazed windows and will pay more for them.

If you’re selling a period property, it must have wooden windows. Research shows uPVC windows put prospective buyers off in a classic building, but installing timber sash windows is the best way to generate interest (This is Money).

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