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Door Ironmongery

What exactly is front door furniture?

Door ironmongery is a term that encompasses anything made out of metal that you might find furnishing your doors, from letter plates and door knockers for front doors to door knobs and hooks for back doors. This of course includes all manner of door handles and even fronts for hinges to complete the traditional aesthetic of your door. Nowadays in the UK, the majority of doors are manufactured with modern techniques in PVC or composite as opposed to more traditional timber varieties. Whilst this comes with some benefits, we think you can't beat the look of real bespoke timber doors, and traditional ironmongery to match. That's why at Windows & Doors UK, we specialise in bespoke, traditional style timber windows and doors, and the right door furniture to suit. If you're looking for window ironmongery, head over to our dedicated page to explore the range.

How our high-quality door furniture is made

All of our door furniture is made to last, created by a mixture of a wide array of traditional styles with contemporary build techniques. Whether you’re looking for door handles, knockers, catches or any other door fittings, we’ll likely have something that’ll catch your eye online.

All of our products in stock have been created using one of two traditional methods of casting here in the UK, malleable iron greensand casting or solid brass casting. Rest assured that all of our products are made with security and reliability in mind.

In addition, all of our products are assembled in our workshops here by hand, before being polished and either plated or painted to specification.

If you’re looking for a particular product, colour or style that isn’t listed below, or you’ve noticed supplied by one of the other top brands, please feel free to get in touch as we do produce many special one-off varieties in our workshop.

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Wide Range Of Doors Design Textures

Doors are incredibly quick and easy to replace (in comparison to other types of doors). But doors are more than just an easy solution to replacing tired, old, condensation strewn doors.

Black and pewter door furniture

Black and pewter ironmongery options are trusted traditional favourites, but are also a safe, neutral option for finishing a new door. If you have or used to have, a timber door or window frame, you might well have had it furnished with black and pewter hardware – our most popular finish for fittings.

Black and pewter door handles and letter plates

The front door is the first thing a visitor sees when they enter a house, so it’s only right that your front door furniture is emblematic of the style of home you have.

Black and pewter door knockers

A door knocker allows you to put some flair and character on your front door. Choose from a wide selection of knockers from rings and urns to horse and lion heads.

Black and pewter door pulls, hooks and studs

Finish off your classic aesthetic with these black and pewter accessory options, including door pulls, studs, hinge fronts, and cabin hooks.

Brass cast door furniture

One of the many benefits of traditional ironmongery is the featured look it gives off, and that’s no truer than with brass cast options. Shop our brass cast collection below.

Brass cast door handles, letter plates, and cabin hooks

When it comes to door levers and letter plates, black is often the preferred option for period doors. However, with lighter timber, brass cast door furniture can really brighten and compliment your front of home instantly.

Brass cast door knockers and door knobs

These brass cast door knockers look the part, and you’ll be able to hear them from deep within your house.

Brass cast door pulls

Finally, from octagons and circles to the majestic lion’s head, expect visitors to comment on your domestic aesthetic with these fancy brass door pulls, suitable for use on any internal door or even as cabinet knobs.


Swatches mean the same in upholstery as they do in furnishing – a sample size piece provided in different finishes to provide a good idea of what the final product will look like. When it comes to finishes, we have such an extensive range that we’re confident you’ll have no problem finding something to suit your project.

Below is our current range of designs at the time of writing, modelled on window handles, but feel free to contact us with bespoke requests for us to see what we can do and if there are any other finishes in stock.

Browse our brass options

We carry a wide range of brass finishes, from more sleek polished and satin varieties to a more antique distressed and aged appearance.

Chrome and nickel plate finishes

If silver is the look you’re after, we offer a variety of chrome and nickel-plated door furniture to suit your needs.

Beautiful bronze

Last but not least, for the most rustic, traditional look, opt for one of our bronze styles to really give your door that beautiful aged aesthetic. Visit our site to see some of these styles in action.

How to decide which door furniture to use

Whether the ironmongery you’re after is for a new set of doors or for a refurbishment project, please ensure that your choice of product is compatible with your chosen installer’s product range. Feel free to browse through our FAQ page as well for answers to some of the most common questions our customers ask.

If you need advice about which style you should opt for, or for a specific wood type or finish of paint, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team who can help you with our collection and advise you of any new products we might have.

We also provide bespoke window ironmongery options, which could be a starting point if you’re looking to do a complete rework project.

Due to the nature of our hand-built products, no two pieces of ironmongery will look exactly the same, and the operational pressure required to move the handles might differ very slightly from product to product.

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