When it comes to choosing your windows, you’ll probably decide, first of all, whether to opt for UPVC, aluminium, hardwood or timber, and then, of course, whether you would prefer single, double or triple-glazing.

And after all of this, you’ve still got to decide upon the type of style or design you would like your windows to have. While some people have a clear preference of what type of window they require, others may not be so sure or are open to having a think about the best option for their particular property.

At Windows and Doors UK, we are experts in manufacturing and installing high-quality windows and doors and have therefore summarised the types of windows you may wish to consider when looking for new windows for your home.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are windows which are made up of one or more vertically sliding panels, also known as “sashes”. Although sash windows are often associated with traditional homes, they are often a modern feature too. Whatever property they are installed in, they definitely add a touch of elegance and class.

Box Sash Windows

Box sash windows also referred to as either “Hung Sash” windows or “Sash and Case” windows, which can make matters more confusing when it comes to choosing your window type. Ultimately, box sash windows are similar to sash windows, in that they are a window with one or more sliding panels (or “sashes”) which each hold a pane of glass.

Made to Measure Windows

Made to measure windows are ultimately windows that are fitted for a particular room of your property. At Windows and Doors UK, all of our windows are made to measure. Although our windows are made to measure, it should be noted that they are not fully bespoke since they are not manufactured for just one particular job.

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