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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Folding Doors
Posted By : Laura WakehamLaura Wakeham
Date : July 19, 2016
At Windows and Doors UK, we have a keen interest in finding out everything there is to know about (you guessed it!) windows and doors. Because folding doors have become more popular over the last decade, with more people benefiting from doors that fold away and allow for an optimal saving on space. And the fact that we would also...
The Finest Internal Oak Doors
Posted By : Laura WakehamLaura Wakeham
Date : June 14, 2016
Internal oak doors from Windows Doors UK are suitable for all property styles. Whether you are looking for internal oak doors for residential or commercial properties, modern homes or conservation, and listed buildings, we can provide them here at Windows Doors UK. Our joinery specialises in producing high-quality oak doors and we pride ourselves on offering the finest internal oak...
Are you looking to replace your windows and doors?
Posted By : Laura WakehamLaura Wakeham
Date : May 24, 2016
Replacing your windows and doors can really refresh your home. You may decide to replace your windows and doors if they are look old and worn out, no longer work properly, offer poor insulation or do not tie in with the style of your home. Whatever your reason for looking for replacement windows and doors, at Windows and Doors UK,...
Three Things to Think About When Purchasing Internal Doors
Posted By : Laura WakehamLaura Wakeham
Date : May 9, 2016
Windows and Doors UK offer a wide range of internal doors for your home. Our internal doors are suitable for cottages, listed buildings, mansions and countryside manors, as well as offices and commercial areas. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, our internal doors will suit most properties. But what should you consider before purchasing your internal...
Choosing between UPVC Windows and Timber Windows
Posted By : Laura WakehamLaura Wakeham
Date : April 28, 2016
In the past, timber windows have received a lot of negative reviews because, a decade ago, were of a much lower quality than modern timber windows, that are now treated in order to be weather-resistant and far less likely to rot. At Windows and Doors UK we treat all of our hardwood and timber windows for the upmost durability and...