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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Folding Doors

At Windows and Doors UK, we have a keen interest in finding out everything there is to know about (you guessed it!) windows and doors.

Because folding doors have become more popular over the last decade, with more people benefiting from doors that fold away and allow for an optimal saving on space. And the fact that we would also like to promote our sister company ‘Bi-fold Doors UK’, we would like to share some more information on folding doors.

So what have we discovered about folding doors? Here are 10 fun facts!

1. Ancient Greek and Roman folding doors featured leaves that were hinged and folded back.
2. Wood is the most common material used in folding doors.
3. Bi-folding doors are often made for closets.
4. A folding Door from 1AD has been excavated in Pompeii, Italy!
5. Another one of Europe’s oldest doors was discovered by archaeologists on an excavation site in Zurich, Switzerland. The door is thought to be about 5,100 years old!
6. Designer Tobias Franzel, has actually designed a ping pong style folding door. The door actually opens out to be a ping pong table! Match? Game on.
7. Austrian artist Klemens Torggler has designed, what he calls, a flip panel door. His flip panel doors are opened, and closed, using a flick of a finger!
8. There have recently been a high number of people searching for ‘bi fold shower doors’ on Google.
9. The earliest recorded doors date back to the Egyptian tombs.
10. Folding doors are potentially the most versatile type of door. They can be used as exterior and interior doors, as well as in commercial and residential properties. Interior uses of folding doors include cupboard doors, shower doors, windows and bedroom doors, while exterior uses include garden doors, entrance doors and conservatory doors.

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