At Windows and Doors UK, we have a keen interest in finding out everything there is to know about (you guessed it!) windows and doors. And one of our favourites are the perennially popular bi fold doors.

Folding sliding doors are incredibly versatile and find applications in various settings. Both external bifold doors and internal bifold doors are suitable for use commercial and residential properties alike.

Interior doors include cupboard doors, shower doors, windows, and bedroom doors, while exterior doors include patio doors, entrance doors, and conservatory doors. This flexibility in application makes folding doors a much sought-after architectural feature.

But did you know there is so much more to a bifold door than meets the eye… Look what we’ve discovered about folding doors… Here are 10 fun facts:

  1. Ancient Greek and Roman origins: The concept of folding doors dates back to ancient civilisations. In Greece and Rome, folding doors featured leaves that were hinged and folded back, similar to modern-day bifolding doors. These early designs were often made of wood or marble.
  2. Folding doors in Pompeii:

    An incredible discovery was made in Pompeii, Italy, where an excavated folding door dating back to 1 AD was found. This finding attests to the long history and enduring appeal of folding door designs.

  3. One of Europe’s oldest doors:

    Archaeologists in Zurich, Switzerland, uncovered one of Europe’s oldest doors on an excavation site. Estimated to be around 5,100 years old, this ancient folding door reveals the ingenuity of early craftsmen.

  4. Ping Pong Style Folding door:

    Designer Tobias Franzel took creativity to a new level by designing a folding door that doubles as a ping 犀利士
    pong table. When closed, the door appears like a regular panel, but when opened, it transforms into a functional ping pong table, adding an element of fun and versatility to the space.

  5. Innovative Flip Panel door:

    Austrian artist Klemens Torggler designed an ingenious flip panel door that operates with a simple flick of a finger. Instead of traditional hinges, the door uses geometrically shaped panels that gracefully fold and pivot to open or close, creating an artistic and visually stunning entrance.

  6. One of the most popular shower doors is a… folding sliding door:

    The popularity of bi-folding doors has extended to the bathroom realm, with a surge in people searching for ‘bi fold shower doors’ on Google. These doors offer an elegant solution for small bathrooms, providing easy access and maximising the available space.

  7. Ancient Egyptian doors:

    The history of doors can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where the earliest recorded doors were found in tombs. These doors served both practical and symbolic purposes, safeguarding the tombs and symbolising passages to the afterlife.

  8. Space-saving innovations:

    Folding doors have inspired creative space-saving solutions in compact living spaces. For instance, in Japan, where space is limited, some apartments feature innovative “fusuma” doors. These traditional Japanese sliding doors can be folded and tucked into wall niches, effectively creating multi-functional rooms with open floor plans.

  9. Folding Bus Doors:

    It’s not just houses that feature folding doors. Folding door concepts have been applied to public transportation as well. Some buses around the world are equipped with folding doors that slide open like an accordion, allowing for quick and efficient boarding and disembarking of passengers.

  10. Origami-Inspired Folding Doors:

    Some designers have drawn inspiration from origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, to create unique folding door designs. These doors feature intricate geometric patterns and provide a visually striking element to any interior.

How bifold doors work

Modern day folding doors work on a concertina principle. They’re made up of multiple panels that are hinged together and can be folded back on themselves to create a single, continuous opening. The panels are typically made of glass or wood, and they are supported by a system of tracks and rollers.

To open a bifold door, simply pull on the handle. The panels fold back on themselves, one by one, until they are all stacked against the wall. To close the door, simply push the panels back into place.

Are bifold doors secure?

Bifold doors can be just as secure as other types of doors, as long as they are installed and maintained properly. Here are some tips for making your bifold doors more secure:

  • Install a multi-point locking system. A multi-point locking system has multiple locks that engage at different points on the door, making it more difficult for an intruder to break in.
  • Use high-quality security glass. Security glass is more difficult to break than regular glass, and it can help to protect your home from break-ins.
  • Make sure that the sliding track and rollers are in good condition. If the tracks are damaged, the doors may not close properly, which could make them easier for an intruder to open.
  • Keep the door hardware clean and lubricated. This will help to keep the doors working properly and make it more difficult for an intruder to break in.

Buy folding doors from Windows & Doors UK

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