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Wooden Doors (Front, Rear, Patio & French)

Our wooden doors are custom designed & manufactured in the UK. Want to know more about our door prices and the cost of installation?

Actual door prices will be quoted according to the door size, the style of door, wood type and volume of doors required. The prices for our doors below are guidelines. Get in touch today for a free estimate.

As a bespoke joinery, we don't mass produce doors and sell them at fixed prices. Instead, our door pricing structure is bespoke to each door. There are so many variables that affect the price of each door, such as the size of door, the style of door, the type of wood used and the number of doors required, so we offer a free quotation service.

As a guide, we have included a table of average prices below to give you an idea of cost. This price guide should be used as a guideline only.

Call us on 0843 886 7763 or fill out the form to the right to get a free quotation. It’s quick and easy and we’ll get the prices to you based on your exact specifications and door requirements.

Please note we offer different prices and deals on door orders depending on the volume of doors ordered. Get in touch today to find out more.
We design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of Wooden Doors nationwide, we make all types of interior and exterior wooden doors.

Are you looking for high-end wooden doors that are made to your exact size and style specifications? Our joinery makes wooden doors using high-quality hardwoods and softwoods including timber/oak.

Our wooden door range is suitable for those on a budget, and those who want a wide choice of styles, colours and stains. We can supply wooden doors in all standard and non-standard sizes. Choose from wooden door sets (which include framework and components) or just the doors/accessories on their own.

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Just some of our door styles

This is only a small preview of the vast range of door styles that we offer. Please note our joinery specialises in making bespoke door styles, so please get in contact to discuss your door requirements.

Style 1
Style 2
Style 3
Style 4
Style 5
Style 6
Style 7
Style 8
Style 9
Style 10
Style 11
Style 12
Style 13
Style 14
Style 15
Style 16
Style 17
Style 18

Oak Stains
Idigbo Stains
mid Oak
mid Oak
Sapele Stains
Mid Oak
Mid Oak
Opaque Colours
Powder Blue
Sea Green


Wooden Door Sizes and Prices

Please call us to discuss sizes and prices, we supply all standard and non-standard sizes, prices are available by quote. Please find a rough cost per size table below. * Based on a single window

Range of Wooden Door Sizes

Below are some of the “Standard” door sizes that we offer. We can make doors to any size specification (up to 3x x 12m).

Wooden Door Specifications

Our hardwood Wooden doors are manufactured to high standards with specifications to match, generic specifications are below (specification relative to design).

  • Choice of Hardwoods, Softwoods and Veneers
  • Multiple Panel Configuration from 2 panel onwards
  • Standard and Made to Measure Sizes
  • Any RAL, BS colours available, other colours matched
  • Fully laminated hardwood used in all door styles
  • Manufactured in Sapele, Idigbo or Oak
  • Magnet catches for stacking
  • All pre-drilled holes and hinge locations pre-routed
  • Easy screw, fit system
  • Fully matching door gearing colours in brass, polished chrome or satin chrome
  • Thumb turn locking as standard, with lockable flush bolts
  • Externally lockable key
  • Multipoint deadbolt and hook locking to master doors (configuration dependant)
  • Good Acoustics, Effective SOundproofing (Values depending on solid/hollow-core door type)
  • Good thermal resistance
  • 28mm glass units
  • Blinds available in glass on request

Download Gaskets Specification Brochure
Download Locking Systems Specification Brochure
Download Saint Gobain Glass Brochure
Download Pilkington Glass Brochure
Download Ironmongery Options Brochure

Trade Wooden Doors

We supply this product to traders and:

  • Home Builders & Renovators
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Property Renovators
  • Installers
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Tradesmen

Our trade doors are suitable for both residential and commercial use. We ensure that our doors meet required BS EN standards and PAS standards. If you have a trade enquiry or would like to order this product in bulk then please call us on 0843 886 7763 to discuss or fill out the call back form to the right.

Lead Time for Wooden Doors

Our lead times vary depending on product specification and volume. We aim to have the shortest possible lead time from order to delivery, call us for a free quotation/estimate.

Design, Manufacture and Delivery

All of our Wooden Doors are designed and manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced wood. Once manufacture has been completed the item will be sent and delivered shortly after. Products are all inspected thoroughly before being dispatched.

Competitively Priced
Made to Measure
Exceptional Durability
Fully Bespoke
More about our Wooden Doors

Are you looking for high-end wooden doors that are made to your exact size and style specifications? Our joinery makes wooden doors using high-quality hardwoods and softwoods including timber/oak. Our wooden door range is suitable for those on a budget, and those who want a wide choice of styles, colours and stains. We can supply wooden doors in all standard and non-standard sizes. Choose from wooden door sets (which include framework and components) or just the doors/accessories on their own.

Choose from solid doors or solid core doors with veneer timbers and oak. Perfect for all property types our wooden doors are suitable for interior and exterior use and can complement a properties style/theme. All of our doors can be designed to match any particular style or palette from traditional countryside wooden doors to mock Tudor style doors, Victorian wooden doors or modern style doors. The doors can come as complete pre-hung door sets, individual doors or bulk door supplies.

Whether you want 1 wooden door or 20, we can supply in volume, so if you are looking to replace all of the wooden interior and exterior doors we can help.
Choose from a wide range of glass styles and glazing arrangements. Customise your glass panel choice with beautiful hardwood window bars styled with soft rolling curves, ridges and markings and architectural features.

However you want your doors styled, we can provide flat colours, mixed colours or veneer stains including Oak, Idigbo and Sapele. Our stain range includes Iroko, Mid Oak, Mahogany, Mid Oak, Spanish and Walnut styles. Our expert design team can design and render door styles and mockups prior to order allowing you to customise your doors to your exact preferences, we can also provide windows which have the same styles applied to them whether it’s just colours and stains or complete matching styles.

Our joinery has a fast lead time and nationwide delivery services so your doors can be brought to your doorstep ready for a DIY installation.

With a limitless choice of designs and configurations, you can be sure Windows and Doors UK can supply your wooden doors exactly as you want them at the right prices. Add a timeless look and feel to your property, whether you are using wooden doors to bring more natural light into your property, or whether your doors are designed to complement your property style you can be sure with our products that you are getting quality with no compromises.

If you have a property project underway and require wooden doors to fit external structures then we can also supply volume orders at trade prices.

If you are interested in our window products or would like a free quotation, please fill out our callback request form, or call us on 0843 886 7763.

Designing your Wooden Doors

Our wooden doors can be designed any way you want them. Customise every aspect from height and width to glass panels, door bars, moulding and shaping, door features, wood stains and colours and ironmongery options for handles and other features.

With your door enquiry, we’ll work with you to understand how you want your doors to look, our team of designers will recreate this through CAD drawings until you are completely happy with the design and configuration of the door. We’ll manufacture it, quality check it and deliver it to your doorstep.

Our wooden doors provide you with a great way to add a stunning and elegant traditional or modern feature to your home. We use European Oak, Sapele (sometimes called African mahogany) and Idigbo, which is a yellowish African hardwood timber which can be stained to look very similar to oak, but at a lower cost.

One of the great advantages of specifying wooden doors over aluminium, uPVC or composite doors is that wooden doors are incredibly flexible in terms of the styles and colours available. Other types of door materials must be coloured during the manufacturing process of the profile sections – this is typically done in large batches and so having, for example, a single front door in a one-off colour can be prohibitively expensive.

With wooden doors, this is not a problem as the doors are simply painted after machining, and indeed we can match literally any solid colour. We can even offer wooden doors which are painted one colour on the inside, and a different colour on the outside, so, for example, you could have a black surface on the outside, but keep your interior light by having a white or cream colour on the inside.

While many of the doors we produce are painted in a solid colour, we also offer a range of translucent stains which show off the grain and colour of the timber underneath. This can look especially good if oak timber is chosen since the openness and pattern of the wood grain is particularly beautiful. With timber, each component is truly unique, no two pieces are the same, and showing this off with a translucent stain is something that can really add an elegant touch to your living space.

The modern microporous paint and stain systems which we use on our wooden doors are both beautiful and long-lasting. With proper maintenance, a wooden door will last longer than uPVC or even Aluminium doors.

Our wooden doors also use laminated timber where necessary. This is still solid timber, but rather than being cut from a single timber piece, it is constructed by glueing three or more separate, smaller timber boards together. This creates a length of timber which is much more resistant to warping, splitting, twisting and other problems which may be seen on older wooden doors.

We can manufacture wooden doors in a variety of configurations, whether front doors, double or single doors, with or without glazed and/or panelled side screens or even wooden bi-folding doors, we have the solution for you. Whatever the style, all of our doors have the same great features as standard such as multipoint locking, dual weather seals and highly efficient double or triple-glazing.

Door Design
Ironmongery Options for Doors

We can provide a wide range of ironmongery options for internal and external doors. Choose from a range of door ironmongery in brass, polished chrome or satin chrome

From traditional to victorian, from modern to contemporary styles, you choose the handle style that fits your preference and we’ll ensure your windows and doors come supplied.

Download Ironmongery Options PDF

Replicate Wooden Doors

If you are looking to replicate an existing door style then our joinery can help. If you are replicating an existing door which requires replacing then we’ll ask for details/imagery. If you have found a style elsewhere that you would like to replicate, please provide us with details during your enquiry.

Some historic doors can (depending on age) be hard to find parts for, or may well be beyond economical repair, at which point, replica doors are ideal to replace with a like for like style with new materials and parts.

Replica Doors
Ordering and Delivery
Ordering and Delivery

Windows & Doors UK make ordering a straightforward process. Once you have chosen your window/door product and have agreed to the drawings/specifications and design the product will be scheduled for manufacture. Your products will be delivered by a scheduled date through recorded delivery.

Door Range

Below is our top level door range, custom windows are also available, call us to discuss

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