“Thinking of getting new doors in your home? what should you consider when choosing an internal door?”

Windows and Doors UK offer a range of internal doors, manufactured to the highest quality in order to make a luxurious addition to your home.
But what should you consider when choosing an internal door? Here are a few tips.

The Type of Internal Door You are Looking For

Depending on your property’s size and style, you should choose the type of internal door suited to your requirements. For example, folding doors tend to work well in smaller properties or rooms where you are looking to save space.

The Style of Your Internal Door

At Windows Doors UK, we offer a range of door styles. You may want a door with a few glass panels, or perhaps a solid wood internal door. You can view our range of door styles here: internal-doors.

The Size of Your Internal Door

The size of your internal door is inevitably an important factor in choosing your internal door. You will need to take precise measurements and ensure the measurements of your internal door are correct before the manufacturing and installation process.
The most standard, common door size for internal doors in most UK homes is 76 x 198 or (762mm x 1981mm).
At Windows Doors UK, you’ll see on our website that our standard door sizes include:

Single Doors 610 mm x 1981mm, 686 mm x 1981mm, 762 mm x 1981mm, 838 mm x 1981mm, 864 mm x 2083mm, 915 mm x 2134mm.

Double Doors 915 mm x 1981mm, 1067 mm x 1981mm, 1168 mm x 1981mm, 1220 mm x 1981mm, 1372 mm x 1981mm, 1524 mm x 1981mm.

That said, we can also make doors up to 3 meters in height and 1 meter wide (3000 mm x 1000 mm). In addition, if you would like folding doors (multiple door leafs), we can provide doors 3 meters in height and up to 12 meters wide (3000 mm x 12000 mm).

Would You Like a Solid or Hollow Internal Door?

At Windows Doors UK, we can supply both solid and hollow doors depending on your budget. Hollow doors tend to be the cheaper option, allowing a home to have a higher quality feel, without the added costs. However, hollow doors have a thin timber skin and therefore offer less range of styling.
Solid core doors, on the other hand, have an incredible amount of flexibility but are more expensive.

The Material of Your Internal Door

At Windows Doors UK, we offer a range of internal doors in timber and oak. Whether you opt for hardwood or softwood, you’ll be sure to receive a high-quality, luxury product. Timber tends to be a lighter than oak, which is a darker wood.
You’ll also need to consider the colour or stain of your internal door, the internal doors from Windows Doors UK can be supplied in a wide range of stains and colours.

For more information on choosing an internal door, contact Windows Doors UK on 0333 335 5416.


Laura Wakeham

Laura is an experienced writer with a background in the construction, wood work and hardwood industry - having written for various nationwide publications including Houzz, Construction Weekly and other more local editorial platforms. With over 10 years experience, Laura has detailed knowledge on the ins and outs of hardwood fabrications from orangeries to conservatories, windows and doors.

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