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Timber Replacement Windows

At Windows and Doors UK, we offer timber and hardwood window replacements.

Sometimes, people are unsure whether to opt for window replacement. At Windows and Doors UK, we feel that we can offer window replacement for old and tired windows, windows that no longer work properly, poorly insulated windows or those that are not in keeping with the style of your home.

Replacing old wooden windows with modern timber windows can make a significant difference to the aesthetics of your home, and a replacement is often cheaper than making huge renovations to a property.

Whatever the reason you are thinking about timber window replacement, there are a number of advantages to using us here at Windows and Doors UK.

The advantages of timber windows

Well, first of all, one of the great benefits of timber windows from Windows and Doors UK over aluminium, uPVC or composite frames is that there is much more flexibility in terms of window configurations, styles and mouldings because each window is made for a particular specification.

Our timber windows can match a wide range of designs, from modern contemporary windows that feature large glass panes and minimal detailing to windows for listed buildings with requirements for thin glass units and ornate decorative glazing bars. We can even make arched, angled or curved-headed windows where required!

What's more, all of our timber is ethically sourced and has been approved by the sustainable (Forest Stewardship Council). So, not only are you getting a high-quality, durable window, you will be opting for an environmentally-friendly window replacement product sourced for a lessened negative effect on the environment.

In addition, we are a highly-experienced company that knows what we are doing. We have experience with a wide range of timber products. Our sister companies: Country Hardwood, Windows and Doors UK, Bifold Doors UK and Prestige Roof Lanterns UK, also favour timber and hardwood products.

Another key advantage of our timber replacement windows from Windows and Doors UK is that the timber is painted or stained after manufacture on a per-job basis which means that one-off colours are not a problem for us.

In many cases, one-off colours do not incur additional charges over standard white window frames, and we can match any solid colour or translucent stain.

What Can The Team at Windows and Doors UK Offer You?

If you're looking for replacement timber windows, there are many things to consider. Our team of highly experienced craftsmen can work with you to achieve the perfect look for your property.

We can offer:

Timber Casement Windows

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we couldn't agree more. Our timber casement window range offers exceptional performance with an abundance of style, size or colour options to suit your needs no matter what they are - from historic buildings all down through modern new builds.

Sash Window Variations

We recommend our replacement options if you want to keep your home's exterior theme but still offer modern sliding sash windows. We offer direct-replacement sash window styles that are true to the original design of older properties with typical designs; however, they use less timber than traditional methods do, so it'll be kinder on budget.

Bespoke Timber Windows

We can also offer bespoke options, such as UPVC windows and softwood windows, which come in various styles and sizes. The main benefit of our custom windows is that they're made to measure and can include any features you need.

Traditional timber has so much natural beauty, but choosing a bespoke service means we can add features to enhance the security of your home and make it more thermally efficient.

Colour Matching Made Easy

Any colour you can think of – we have it! Whether your home is in need to replace old timber windows or if they're just not doing their job as well anymore, our team will help match them with an exterior finish that suits both taste and interior design style.

We offer transparent stains, so there are no worries about matching shades. Let us take care of everything from start to finish.

Additional Features

You'll want to think about all of these features when deciding which window is right for you. For example, if safety precautions are needed in your building, we have child lock options that can be added to our timber replacement windows.

The style and design will depend on what type of fire escape or security measures need to be taken into consideration, including things such as insulation and thermal efficiency.

Double glazed windows are always popular because they reduce energy bills, so installing new windows with these features can make a significant difference to the functionality of your home.

If you're not sure about which features are suitable for you, our team of experts are happy to advise.

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Timber Replacement Windows

Are you interested in our timber replacement windows from Windows and Doors UK?

All of our replacement windows meet current building regulations and CE Marking requirements. They can also function as fire escape openings (depending on window size), can optionally have child-restrictor hinges or devices, trickle ventilators and many other features.

If you are interested in our window products, or would like a free quotation, please fill out our enquiry form, or call us on 0843 886 7763.

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