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The Problems with Cleaning Your Windows and How to Fix Them

“Some tips for cleaning your windows”

As a first thought, cleaning your windows tends to be a straight forward task that doesn’t take much hard work or dedication, other than the right cleaning products, the time to do it and a ladder (if required). Or you can leave it to a window cleaner, of course.
If you have decided to clean your windows yourself though, here are a few hints and tips to successfully clean your windows and sort out any problems you may have in the process.

1. Use a window washing squeegee with a rubber edge.
Using a squeegee with a soft rubber edge can help prevent streaks being left on your windows. Starting to squeegee on dry glass can also help prevent streaks.

2. Wash windows in the evenings or cloudy days.

Direct sunlight dries glass quickly which makes it more likely to streak and smear. Evenings and cloudy days create the perfect balance of mild, yet dry, weather to slowly dry the window glass.

3. Use an antistatic spray on window blinds to prevent a build-up of dust.

4. Clean mildew with a solution of bleach and detergent. Let the solution soak for 10 minutes before sponging it off.

5. If you have a BBQ, keep it at least 5 metres away from your windows to avoid marks from the smoke.

In addition, trees and bushes should be trimmed so that their leaves are away from your windows.

Hopefully, this provides a few hints and tips on how you can keep your windows perfectly clean, impressive and completely transparent!

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