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Looking for new windows in time for Easter?

Springtime brings with it new beginnings, fresh starts and resolutions that we finally get into gear, and that includes getting new windows for our properties.

If we’re honest, we can put off getting our windows until they’re breaking at the seams. But, here at Windows and Doors UK, we’re sure that we can help you get your new windows in time for Easter. So, through Spring and Summer, you’ve no longer got to worry about replacing winter worn windows.

Wooden Windows from Windows and Doors UK

At Windows and Doors UK, we have expertise in the window and door industry. Our wood windows are of superior quality and are manufactured to bespoke sizes and specifications in our joinery.

At Windows and Doors UK, we pride ourselves on providing top quality windows and doors that offer luxury, high-quality aesthetics and optimal performance.

Take a look at some of our window options from Windows and Doors UK:

Box Sash Windows

Also known as “Hung Sash” windows or “Sash and Case” windows, a box sash window is a window with one or more sliding panels or “sashes”, which each hold a pane of glass.

Each frame usually contains two sashes which both slide vertically so that you can have an opening at the top or bottom of the frame, or perhaps both if desired. Box sash windows therefore make for fantastic ventilation.

At Windows and Doors UK, all of our Box Sash Windows are designed and manufactured to precision, in the UK, using sustainable sourced wood.

Sash Windows

Made up of one or more vertically sliding panels or “sashes”, sash windows have a traditional appearance.

At Windows and Doors UK, our timber sliding sash windows offer modern performance features, but also have the charm and character of traditional Victorian windows.

Casement Windows

Our casement windows are designed to have the traditional appearance of hardwood, combined with the latest locking systems and other modern features.

They are also resistant against the weather so will last numerous years and offer extreme durability.

Oak Windows

If you want the ultimate luxury windows this year, then why not check out the oak windows from Windows Doors UK?

Our joinery makes beautiful hardwood oak windows using the finest sustainable-sourced oak wood. Each oak window can be made to measure for any window replacement project.

Still unsure about what type of windows to opt for this Easter?

If you know you would like to replace your windows in time for Easter but are unsure which style to opt for, you may want to refer to our website, blog, or give us a call on 0843 886 7763. You can also, of course, fill in an enquiry form, and we will endeavor to help you however we can.